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One of the funniest book I’ve read in 2018… laughed a lot… Highly recommended! Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Brilliantly funny, entertaining and damn amazing. Loved it.’ The Cosiest Corner, 5 stars

Frankie is a single mother. She’s bold. She’s brave. And she’s winning at life… isn’t she?

Underneath her big smile and daring outfits, Frankie’s hiding a secret. Her five-year-old son Liam is awesome. But life as a solo parent is tough. Her job as a barmaid sucks, her meddlesome mother is taking over and she’s far from living her best life.

She’s lost her way and she’s starting to feel… lonely.

When Frankie’s overbearing mother breaks her leg and has to go and live with her saintly sister, it’s time for Frankie to shake things up. Because she wants to turn things around for the little boy who holds the keys to her broken heart.

Surrounded by perfect mothers, Frankie quickly realises she needs some real mum friends to get her through repetitive school runs and red-faced dating disasters. The kind of people who don’t judge your shop bought cakes and bring wine to your door, just because.

So Frankie sweeps up anxious Kate and organised Alison in her whirlwind. As the unlikely trio face the trials and tantrums of motherhood, they learn that parenting is about surviving one day at a time.

And together they can wing it through anything, can’t they?

A hilarious, feel-good story for every parent who has ever struggled bleary-eyed through toddler tantrums, school fancy dress fails and found friendship over wine and cake. Perfect for fans of The UnMumsy MumWhy Mummy Drinks and Fiona Gibson.

What readers are saying about I Will Survive:

Absolutely fabulous, it is such a good readI would recommend it to everyone you will laugh out loud.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘A brilliant, laugh out loud read… I loved the characters, the writing, it really is the perfect read… such a wonderful novel… I highly recommend this book - and I dare you not to sing I Will Survive every time you pick the book up.’ Lead Reads Books 

Funny and entertaining… perfect for a relaxing time on the sofa, with lots of LOL moments.’ Simona’s Corner of Dreams

Made me laugh out loud with a big beamer of a smile on my face… A fabulous, fun-filled, gentle read which will make you laugh.’ The Writing Garnet 

‘This book is what the doctor ordered!... a lovely free-flowing book and so quick to lose yourself in… For me it is so relatable in this period of my life, but please do not get me wrong EVERYONE can enjoy this book, even if you are not a mum. There is something for everyone I promise. I was laughing out loud a lot.’ Zooloo’s Book Blog 

Full of laugh out loud moments, many cry your eyes out moments as well… will touch your heart…’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘Brilliant story… I thoroughly enjoyed it… laughing out loud. The story is very relatable to real life.’ Turning the Pages with Lattes, 5 stars

‘I read it in one go on a lazy Sunday and it was all I needed to reload my batteries…’ B for Book review, 5 stars

‘I could relate to so much in this book…. Don’t think this book is only aimed at mums though, everyone can read this book and enjoy it. Some of the struggles they faced made me cry, and I mean really cry!! Others made me laugh. This book takes you on a true rollercoaster of emotions. Highly recommended! Stardust Book Reviews

‘Makes you feel so much better about parenthood, but I have to say this is the best book in this field that I have read! It is completely feel good and oh my goodness this book is so so funny! It will have you laughing until you cry!  A fantastically funny read! If you pick this up you will be sure to enjoy it!’ Jessica’s Book Biz, 5 stars

September 19
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