iBooks Author: Publishing Your First Ebook

iBookstore Special Interactive Edition

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Publisher Description

This is the iBookstore Interactive Edition of iBooks Author: Publishing Your First Ebook, an illustrated guide to creating and publishing multi-touch ebooks with iBooks Author.

iBooks Author: Publishing Your First Ebook helps you learn how to take advantage of iBooks Author's amazing feature set to create your own ebooks without a lot of trial and error experimentation. Using an illustrated, step-by-step approach, it guides you through the creation of a sample ebook with features you're sure to want in your own ebook publications.

We've taken the text, including narrative and step-by-step instructions from our popular Epub/Mobi format book and imported it into iBooks Author, along with almost 3 full hours of original screencast video, interactive images, image galleries, and an illustrated glossary. Rather than read instructions and match what you see on your screen with a handful of screenshots, you can watch the author perform every task while narrating the steps. See how everything is done -- then do it for yourself!

This is the book you've been asking for -- a guide to iBooks Author created with iBooks Author and using many of the interactive features the program offers. Not only will this teach you how to use iBooks Author, but it'll show you a great example of how it can be done right.

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    March 3
    Flying M Productions
    Flying M Productions

    Customer Reviews

    MoodyRiver ,


    I expected some kind of thrown-together book that wouldn't really be much help, considering how useless were the other books I looked at, and considering how useless were the various online tutorials I found on iBooks Author.

    The first day I got iBooks Author, I put together a small book, based on tidbits of information I found here and there and my own experimenting. And the book came out OK, but I felt a strong need to get more help before trying another book.

    I recognized Maria's name from other books I've bought in the past, and decided to spend the $7.99 or whatever it was, thinking maybe the book would be better than nothing.

    What a surprise! This is quite possibly the best...the very best "how to" book I've ever bought...and I've bought a lot of them.

    Who would guess that an ebook written shortly after a brand new application comes out would be anything other than a piece of junk? I mean...wouldn't you expect the book to be filled with errors, editing gaffes, incomplete instructions, and poorly done in general?

    Ummmm...well...not this one. This book is well done, everything I wanted to know about was so clearly explained. I'll never again be satisfied with a book that doesn't include videos showing how to do things.

    I have to say that Maria deserves a medal for the job she's done on this book.

    I could write a list a mile long of flaws found in most "how to" books...and not one of those flaws would be present in this book. I don't know how she did it, but I love it.

    I am so grateful for this book...I now know that I can go ahead with a "real" book, knowing I'll be doing it the right way.

    jackwlewis ,

    Excellent iBook - Just what I was looking for

    While in the process of developing an interactive engineering book, I started running into too many "how do I do that" questions. I bought one ibook for $1.99, but it was only fair. Just not enough depth to it. Maria Langer's ibook on the other hand not only has lots of depth, but the "How to" videos made learning fast and easy. I've been working with iBooks Author now for about three weeks. I think it is fair to say that Maria's book doubled my knowledge of iBooks Author by the time I finished the book (about 4 hours). Money well spent!

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