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Parents and even some educators have misconceptions about assistive technology tools and their role in the classroom. It is my goal, in my professional position and as a parent advocate for my daughter, to expose the truth and help educators and parents to discard the myths about these amazing tools. All students who need assistive technology tools should have full and complete access to them when needed. 

Many of the apps and strategies mentioned in this book are quite simple, but are still underutilized by the students who need them most.

Professional & Technical
February 27
Jenny Grabiec
The Fletcher School

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Siri Dictation

Jenny's book shares an incredibly touching story of a student who's writing drastically improves by using Siri Dictation. The book also includes great ideas and videos with closed captioning for other accessibility features to use in the classroom or with your own children. Check out the tip for using Clock to set different alarms throughout the day for reminders. I set an alarm everyday and never knew you could change the name!

Juliet's Dad ,

Ideas that give every student a voice

Download iCan with iOS as soon as possible. Jenny Grabiec's ideas empower students to express their learning using some pretty powerful tool. I'll definitely be incorporating some of these concepts into my classroom this year. So excited to try out these remarkable solutions.

Don Goble ,

iCan with iOS provides modern solutions for any child

Jenny Grabiec’s approach to modernize learning with her book is second to none. Jenny’s observations and lessons to help students speak, comprehend, write and show their thinking are cutting edge. Today’s devices allow students to go beyond traditonal lessons and assessments to get to the heart of each child’s true abitliies, and Jenny beautifully gives us tangile tasks and ideas to help make each child feel successful. I highly recommned this book for any parent, educator or student.

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