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NYT Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow

She's hot. She's sexy. She's everything a lonely alien could want... except for the part where she kidnaps him and puts him in a cage.

Alpha male alien Izotz (aka Ice Storm Chaos) isn't one for space exploration. He finds enough action fighting for survival on his frozen tundra of a home world. When the promises of Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides tempt his brothers into signing up for a trip to Earth, he's hard-pressed to say no to the fantasy. Not many remain on the planet of Sintaz, and this may be his only chance to find a mate to warm the freezing nights. What he hadn't planned on was the fact the woman of his dreams would want to capture him and put him in a cage.

When Elle took the mercenary job hunting UFOs, she thought it would be an easy paycheck from an eccentric, crazy man. Little did she know extraterrestrials were real and freaking sexy to boot. If she can ignore the blue skin, surely this hunky alien can overlook the fact she's the reason he's now her boss' science experiment. 

Length: Long Novella/Short Novel

Contemporary Alien Science Fiction Fantasy Paranormal Romance

A Qurilixen World Novella

September 25
The Raven Books LLC
Michelle M. Pillow

Customer Reviews

Contessajj ,

A new alien looks for a wife

We get a lot of information in this first of a trio of brothers from a frozen planet wanting a mate. There’s no fated mate, but a definite attraction at first sight. Earth doesn’t no about any of these aliens so of course their are bad scientists looking to study (torture) the aliens so our heroine shows off her smarts and bravery. This “mail order” type book is all very similar but this one is well written and Ice is a great “straight man” adding humor which I always appreciate. Good short read.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Guest222222 ,


Michelle Pillow continues the Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides series with book four.
What’s a girl to do when an eccentric man will pay you good money to hunt UFO’s when aliens don’t exist. Take the job of course. When Elle finds out that aliens are real it is to late to change her mind. Aliens are used a lab experiments. The guilt leads to her helping Ice escape. As they try to outrun and outwit the cops, mercenaries, and scientists the language misinterpretation’s will have you laughing out loud. The twists and turns this book has will have you captivated with the creativeness of this author. Highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read more.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Adrian7619 ,

The mercenary and the alien

I really enjoyed this book. Elle takes a job thinking it’s easy money as an alien mercenary. Her first experience with an alien is with Izotz a.k.a. Ice. Ice let’s his brother talk him into going to earth to look for women. As soon as they landed they were attacked by the mercenaries. Ice was able to fight all of them off except Elle. He was then taken to a laboratory so they could experiment on him. Elle helped him escape. This book was hilarious as they tried to out run cups drug dealers and the scientist. I cannot put this book down. Once again Michelle and pillow surprised me with her imagination.

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