Iceland Photography-Summer

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This interactive photography book, presents the reader charming places of Southern Iceland, including stunning full page color landscapes of Thingvellir and Skaftafell National Parks, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanos and geysers, photographed during the summer months (May-September). 

While this book is designed as a Fine Art Photography Book, it can also be used as a travel resource guide. In addition to experiencing the natural wonder and beauty of Iceland, you are invited to explore in further detail, the locations and subjects of this book.

Many of the photograph locations are interactive with Google Maps.

To view the pages in closer detail, pinch and zoom with your fingers to enlarge the photographs.

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June 21
Doodad Press
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Customer Reviews

bunwarmer35 ,


A beautiful book for the experienced traveler or the couch potato. The images are so wonderful that they take you away to another land---Iceland! I could read it over and over again. Bravo!

Stephanie Lisa Tara ,

Breathtaking masterpiece!

I no longer need to travel to Iceland.

Just now—I was able to feel her mighty winter winds, I tasted her ancient salty air and I basked underneath her magical light show that is Aurora Borealis.

Through her, through the marvel of experience that is Iceland, I was transported back to another a primeval time of deep-earth rumblings, when Mother Nature spits out her opinions with lava flow velocity. Stark visuals of darkness and light, of ink-black volcanic beaches alongside bone-white ice. Of lone churches whispering a prayer in this beautiful barrenness of extremes beneath stormy skies.

"Fljotsdalur" a small wooden sign reads above a thatched cottage, a welcoming bench outside translates to, 'come on in!' to us.

Glacier lagoons recall images from children's books imagined, here now - real as can be in this wonderland of Suessian sights.

Mama horse and her baby smile shyly at the camera, they are glad for the visitors, it seems, here in their whimsical wonderful home in far northern part of planet Earth.

Iceland, captured in a lens, is it possible? How does one lasso such power? Is it a poem? A song? No - it is through a refraction of color and light.

Somehow, via the artistry of photography, Iceland has been a harnessed, at least for a moment. That moment is available to all of us, and let me tell you folks, it left me breathless. I had a glass of champagne afterwards, oh, I'm so glad to have this masterpiece on my ipad, to enjoy again and again.

In a world of fast-moving change, of cement cities sprawling to the skies, of globally warmed oceans and vistas, of all that is natural fast disappearing into a world of what once-was, we have here a pictorial record. Visual imagery that is indeed: a poem for the eye. By pure ironic chance - what technology has taken from humanity - it also has given back in part; a gift of nature.

I urge all of you to take a trip to Iceland this summer, or perhaps in the coming year: no need to buy tickets, you can go right now - immerse in Marketa Kalvachova and Tim Vollmer's visual epic dream, lauded photographers in this breathtaking landscape.

(And yes, they will take you with them if you like as well - they lead photography tours into these sacred places.)

Stephanie Lisa Tara
Children's author
San Francisco

tdavisphoto ,


This was a wonderful purchase. Viewing the images on the iPad allows them to glow, making the colors and textures very vibrant and intense. The photography is remarkable. I now want to go to Iceland very badly.