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Ichor Well is the third adventure in the Free-Wrench Series of Steampunk novels.

Ever since Nita Graus left her homeland and joined the crew of the Wind Breaker, the reputation of the airship and its crew has been growing. The destruction of the mighty dreadnought, the escape from the legendary Skykeep, and the inexplicable ability to remain hidden from the ever-watchful eye of the Fug Folk have combined to make her and her fellow crew the stuff of legend. Alas, legendary heroes cannot exist for long without attracting a worthy villain. Luscious P. Alabaster strives to be just that foe.

While he works his nefarious plans, the crew itself is not without turmoil. Captain Mack, already having survived far more years in the hostile skies than he had any right to expect, is making plans for his golden years. The crew is gradually learning all that Nita can teach them, leaving her with the looming decision of whether or not she still has a place among the crew.

Before the matter of the future can be settled, the crew has the problems at hand to solve. And in escaping the webs woven by the cunning and eccentric Alabaster, they may discover the darkest secrets the churning and toxic Fug has to hide.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 14
Joseph R. Lallo
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

mymothersname ,


All 3 books are good ones!

All i do is read ,

I'm sad

This was an awesome series but I can't find a fourth book and there is such a cliffhanger, please write a fourth book.

Joshua r DeMott ,

Great author great series!

I really enjoyed the creativity of this book series, the author has a wonderful imagination and pays great attention to detail in his character, environment, and story development. I especially like that Joseph R. Lallo is active online with his readers. I cannot wait for the next book in the series to be available. Take care everyone. -Josh

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