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Some couples are meant to be together, like Jonathan and William.  No matter the situation, they find each other, over and over again, and fall in love every time.  They aren’t always ready for each other.  Their love isn’t always convenient or well-timed.  But it always draws out the best versions of themselves, changing their lives in ways they never anticipated.  This is a collection of four short stories about the forever kind of love.  Based on characters from the Legend of the Grimoire series, these stories are four ways that two eternal souls find their missing pieces.

Executive Decisions:  William works for the most demanding and entitled account executive in all of Denver—or at least that’s how it seems to him.  But amid the constant coffee orders, last-minute urgent tasks, and borderline hostile treatment, Jonathan is only barely managing to hide how he really feels about his assistant behind the fear of losing his job for fraternization.  A weekend ski trip gives them the opportunity to work things out.  They didn’t know that it would also change everything between them.

Guarded:  At rock bottom and on the brink of death is where Jonathan finds a broken and hopeless William.  As William’s guardian angel, it’s time for Jonathan to intervene and guide him back to functional.  Neither one of them expected the profound and near-instant attraction.  While Jonathan helps William out of his personal hell, William also changes Jonathan’s perspective by helping him be more human.  What they both learn about themselves will be the key to their future.

Song of the Caged Bird:  William arrives at the University of Colorado in Boulder as a transfer student harboring a dangerous secret that he desperately wants to keep hidden.  He can’t give up his greatest passion, though, which threatens to bring him into direct confrontation with his dark past.  Complicating everything is his new and exciting relationship with fellow student Jonathan.  As things start spiraling wildly out of William’s control, he faces the harsh truth that he can’t escape who he really is and his true identity could cost him everything.

Pieces of You:  Jonathan and William have been together forever.  Well, at least for hundreds of years.  They’ve seen and done it all, so when they take off together for a few days of camping in the mountains, they look forward to some uninterrupted time away from their hectic schedules and overbearing boss.  They haven’t seen quite everything, though.  Accidentally finding himself trapped in a variant of his own world, William meets versions of Jonathan and Jai who have never had William’s influence on their lives.  That doesn’t stop love from taking hold, and even though William knows he can’t stay in a world that’s not his, he can’t stand the thought of leaving either.  Torn between two worlds, two sets of lovers, William has to decide if he has the strength to break two hearts in order to do what’s right.

This work is intended for a mature audience and contains mature content.  For a more comprehensive list of content tags, please see this book’s information page at the author’s website.

June 2
Leah Ross
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