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A member of the Dark Court, Vancia has spent her life among humans—together but separate, hiding in plain sight. Now Pappa says it's time to put her glamour to use against the unsuspecting humans and, worse, agree to an arranged political marriage with a guy she's never even met.

After the sudden death of her parents, Vancia felt lucky to have been taken in by family friend Davis Hart, who is not only generous to her, he's a powerful Senate committee chairman.

Now, five years later, she's settled into her new life, splitting her time between their homes in Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, Georgia, where she goes to school. She'd like to feel like a regular high school student, but there's nothing regular about their world. Her busy adoptive father is always travelling, and he's secretive, spending a great deal of time with a shadowy organization he calls The Council.

When he tells Vancia about a political marriage he arranged for her years ago, she reluctantly agrees. After all, she owes her "Pappa," and he deserves her loyalty. Besides, she gets the distinct feeling that his request isn't actually a choice. And there may be even more to her mysterious groom and their impending marriage than he's letting on.

THE SWAY is a novella set in the world of The Hidden Saga, a Young Adult urban fantasy/ paranormal romance series that begins in the backwoods of rural Mississippi and ends up affecting the entire world. Book 1, HIDDEN DEEP, was selected as a 2013 finalist in the prestigious RWA Golden Heart contest and took first place in the 2012 Maggie Awards for Young Adult Romance Writing.

Meet Vancia, enter the mysterious world of the Dark Court, and Give in to the Glamour of the Hidden Saga.

Book 1: Hidden Deep
Book 2: Hidden Heart
Book 3: Hidden Hope

The Sway

Book 4: Hidden Darkness

Book 5: Hidden Danger

Book 6: Hidden Desire

Book 7: Hidden Game

Book 8: Hidden Magic

Book 9: Hidden Hero

Book 10: Hidden Heir 

***Fans of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series and Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga will be drawn to Amy Patrick's sexy, magical Hidden Saga.***


"I could not put this book down. The story-line held me entranced in an elven world, hiding in plain sight among mortals, seeking domination while a greater mystery unfolded. I was flipping through the pages faster than ever in dire need to find out what happens next in the female protagonist's life and if she will ever find a back bone to defy her overly obstinate, adoptive father's plans for her life. The cliff hanger at the end drove me somewhat insane, but it is an exemplary novella for the YA audience that I HIGHLY recommend. On a side note, I am still overly desperate to learn the grand scheme of things behind the conspiracy theory. I will be reading the other books. I HAVE to read the other books." Paranormal Trance Reviews

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 20
Oxford South Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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A Giraldez ,


Sway - Part of a new series beginning with Hidden Deep this can be a standalone story. In the first book we met the Light Elves where the prince is arranged to marry. This novella is developed around his betrothed and her storyline as part of the Dark Elves. I really enjoyed discovering the connections of characters and trying to decipher on my own those connections. Patrick does a wonderful job developing twists and descriptive imagery. Very easy to get lost in the Elven world.

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