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Book 1: Sarah Calvados doesn't know what's gotten into her husband lately. It seems like he isn't able to function as the brilliant Dr. Calvados unless he's had her several times a day.

He's done everything in his power to bury himself between her legs. Quick, dirty, at work, and in public.

She may have been able to find some reprieve at work if only she didn't work under him both at home and at the hospital!

Will Sarah be able to keep up the pace as a dutiful wife and satisfy her husband's increasing needs?

Book 2: Dr. Sarah Calvados is feeling the tick of her biological clock.  She's ready to be filled and eager to please her husband in every way he demanded, especially when they're at the hospital. Can she juggle both her career and her growing need without jeopardizing her professional reputation?

Book 3: Sarah Calvados had been planning her husband's birthday surprise for the past two months and nothing, not even a call from the hospital in the middle of the night, was going to stop her from giving her husband the ultimate present for his 50th birthday. Tonight, the birthday boy got to make the calls and Sarah was willing to do whatever Brian asked of her.

Book 4: The dirty doctors are at it again!

Dr. Brian Calvados has kept his fantasy to share his sexy curvy wife, Sarah, with another man hidden for years.  But when discovers his boss lusting after his wife, he can't help but reveal his deepest desires.

Can Brian watch his dominating boss use and ravish his wife?

Or will her fertile and unprotected romp with another man destroy everything they have worked for over the years both professionally and personally?

Book 1:

Sarah checked her watch as she opened the door to her darkened office. 5:15. The meeting had run over as the various department heads argued over the latest budget for the quarter.

There was no way she could beat the afternoon rush hour traffic home now, it would probably be 7:30 by the time she made it back home. She should call her husband and tell him that he was on dinner duty tonight.

Sarah reached into her lab coat pocket for her phone and had just closed the door when a large hand clasped over her mouth and pulled her roughly against the muscular hard body hiding behind the door.

Her phone dropped to the carpeted floor of her office with a thud and her eyes widened as she let out a muffled cry. Sarah's heart raced in her chest as she tried to gulp in a lungful of air through the intruder's hand.

His hot moist breath puffed against her cheek as he whispered in her ear.

"Shhhh, be quiet. Don't make a sound."

A ragged breath of relief escaped from between her lips at the familiar sound of his voice.  It was her husband, Brian.

Book 2:

Sarah rushed quickly up to the second floor maternity wing. She wondered why she was being paged to room 2009 when OBGYN wasn't even her specialty.

That's curious, she thought as she peered into the empty exam room. The exam chair with stirrups lay empty in the center of the room and there were no patient charts to be seen.

And then it all made sense. A firm hand landed on the small of her back and urged her into the room towards the chair. Brian slipped past her through the crack of the door before pushing it shut and turning the lock.

"Take off your clothes and fasten your legs into the stirrups," her husband commanded.

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