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For a werewolf hunter, falling in love with her prey is out of the question... 

This Heroes Run in Packs collection features hot heroes with pack loyalty and kick butt heroines centered around the Windam Pack in the bitterly cold Canadian mountains to the north of Vancouver. Are you ready for books with a bite? 

Contains all five parts of the Windham Werewolves story! 

THE HUNTER’S MOON: Kaden will do anything to protect his pack, including saving a dying werewolf hunter. But Cynthia would rather take him down than become his mate. 

THE HUNTER’S ALPHA: Kaden’s pack has returned, but trouble and a dead body has followed them, leaving Cynthia in the middle of a huge mess. 

THE HUNTER’S PACK: The actions of the Windham pack have come back to haunt them and a snowstorm has come to the mountains. Danger is lurking in the shadows. Cyn and Kaden must stand together with the others to face what is coming for the Windham pack. 

THE HUNTER’S CLAN: The Windham pack has survived the attack from a hunting clan, but now they must find a new place to live. Trouble, however, still plans to follow them to their next destination. Cyn must also make a decision that will change her life forever. 

THE HUNTER’S MATE:  There’s no turning back from the decisions members of the Windham pack have made in the previous episode, and now Cyn must face the people who will be most affected by her decision to become Kaden’s mate. 

This is the full 315-page story with no cliffhangers at the end.

May 29
Shawntelle Madison
Shawntelle Madison

Customer Reviews

gabby1w ,


Well good job on the story ‘s they were good and plot

Evieo17 ,


A nice box set. Lots of intrigue between hunters and werewolves. There’s also in fighting between the clans and wolf paxks. Poor Kaden, if he’s not fighting off a hunter, he’s fighting off people in his own pack. I felt for him but he stayed strong.

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