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"We may never, this side of death, drive the invader out of our territory, but we must be in the Resistance." -C.S. Lewis

We live in a world at war, an ongoing battle between light and darkness, good versus evil. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8) and declared the gates of hell would not prevail against His advancing Kingdom (Matt. 16:18). The Church has been called to conflict. The purpose of the book is mobilizing the local church to the ends of the earth and advancing the Kingdom of God. theresistancemovement.com

Religion & Spirituality
August 1
Redefining Faith Resources
Zachary Maddox

Customer Reviews

Mikemucho Cubs ,

REALLY enjoyed this book

This is the best Christian book I have read in years. It has helped me to better understand the letters to the churches in Revelation, and also to apply the truths in these letters to my own life and church. There are really good discussion questions for small groups at the end of each chapter.
I rarely read the book of Revelation as I find it hard hard to understand. However after reading The Resistance, I will be reading Revelation more often knowing that I can personally apply its teachings.

southside died ,

Great book on the church!

Great book on Church history and the mission of the church. Fantastic research, great stories, and pleasant read. Recommended for everyone! Where as most books are on leadership or other topics these days, this is an original take on the church itself.

MadaFNP ,


Challenging…. In an age where it seems that we are becoming less committed to the church because of a cultural drift, Zach recalls what the church is called to be. In a practical way, he challenges each of us to assess where we are now and how we can resist the cultural pull and love the church as Christ does. For those seeking to grow spiritually, this is book is rich in content and full of ideas for life application.

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