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COMPLETE LEVEL 1 (units 1-15) of FSI Spanish Basic Course
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¿Habla español?
Speak Spanish fluently!

FSI Spanish Basic Course is the most comprehensive and systematic Spanish course ever produced.
This new enhanced edition allows you to use this course to its full potential.

FSI Spanish Basic Course is the perfect complement to any other Spanish learning material.
It will help you master a large basic vocabulary and practice all aspects of Spanish grammar.​

Listen, learn, and repeat the dialogues.
Do the interactive exercises.
Practice the drills​ at your own pace.
In no time, you will be speaking Spanish fluently​​.

This carefully designed book includes:

• three separate audio recordings: listen, learn, repeat
• pop-over translations and notes
• pop-over vocabulary breakdown
• interactive dictation exercises
• interactive sentence and dialogue exercises
• flashcards with study and practice modes

• clear grammatical tables and explanations
• recorded example sentences
• interactive practice exercises with immediate feedback

• wide variety of short drills: substitution, response, translation, and much more
• drill answers that can be shown or hidden

• with natural speed audio recordings for listening practice

Each book also includes all the iBooks built-in features. You can:
• look up the definition of words in Spanish and Spanish-English dictionaries
• bookmark pages, highlight passages and make notes
• sync bookmarks, highlights and notes with your other devices
• and more

This book will help you make the most of the delightful FSI Spanish Basic Course, and learn Spanish with ease and speed.

¡Buena suerte!

April 30

Customer Reviews

kringle777 ,

Great update on a classic series

The FSI series is based on the language training courses created by the US Foreign Service Institute for diplomats. It’s been around for decades really, but the additions that Dicendi has created for the iBooks platform makes it well worth the price.

The original coursework consisted of a series of books with accompanying audio files, usually 45 to 60 minutes in length for each chapter. You would follow along the course and repeat the audio and would learn by repetition and sentence variation. This method is incredibly successful in getting you to be able to adapt to variations in any situation, instead of just learning canned phrases which fit just one situation.

The iBooks version takes all that great content, adds to it, and formats it in an effective manner. It’s nicely segmented into discernible chunks, making it easy to test and retest a section at a time. There are pop-up translations throughout, very convenient to have compared to looking up a word or phrase. There are flash cards to both practice with and test against. There are both sentence and dialog ordering quizzes and written exercises to perform along with the audio, all to help cement the dialogs. Plus there are written verb conjugation exercises. All of this content is above and beyond the original FSI coursework. It makes the learning process all the more effective and the iBooks platform is well suited for this kind of work. Highly recommended!

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