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Zachary Stafford witnessed something horrible when he was a child. Watching a young girl beaten by her father shattered his heart, but it forged a new friendship as well.

Since enduring terrible abuse as a young girl, Cassidy Pope has been shaped into a woman filled with insecurities and self-loathing, regardless of the unconditional love Zack has given her all these years. 

Upon the arrival of their wedding day, Cassidy does the one thing she does best—she runs, leaving Zack at the altar.

Zack is nothing if not a man of his word and is determined to bring Cassidy home to him. Will they finally get their happy ending, or will Cassidy allow the demons of her past to keep her from the love she’s always desired?

*Mature Content Warning* This book contains situations not intended for persons under the age of 18. Including, but not limited to - sexual situations, alcohol/drug use, cursing, and possible triggers.* 

**Trigger Warning** Chasing Cassidy deals with themes of mild to moderate child abuse. If this is something which may cause emotional discomfort for you, please proceed with caution. 

July 26
Dee Kelly
Dee Kelly

Customer Reviews

Dr. Beth ,

Fantastic stand-alone book!

Chasing Cassidy was everything you cold ever want in a romantic story! The characters had depth and distinct personalities and Dee's fabulous writing just makes you become immediately invested in them. This book pulled on every possible emotion...love, hate, joy, sadness, humor, anger. empathy, lust(I could just keep going).
It is a story of a childhood friendship that grew into seriously true love. It wasn't without challenges though. But in the end true love wins. It makes you just want to believe in it, no matter what. Great writing!! Loved it!

kurtain78 ,

Chasing Cassidy

Chasing Cassidy is a heartfelt love story with equal parts drama and steam. The premise of Cassidy and Zack becoming best friends as children and falling in love as they grow up is not new. But, Dee provides enough twists and surprises on this emotional roller-coaster that you’ll easily become invested in the characters and story line and you won’t want off the ride!!

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