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He said, "I love you." She said, "You don't even know the real me." He said, "Great title for a song. Key of G? Can you sing the high parts? Close harmony?"  
Two musicians meet by accident in Seattle. Jason, the infamous singer-songwriter, is a victim of falsehoods spread on the Internet. Susi, a classical musician whose previous career came off the rails, is building a new life as a music teacher. Their professional yearnings quickly become entwined in unexpected ways. 

Jason wants Susi to sing the haunting songs he's written for her, if he can get his ex-wife out of his recording contracts. Susi doesn't want to sing in public, and complains that Jason disturbs her hard-won serenity. 
Each tries to hide deep secrets from the other. However, in love—and on the Internet—who really has secrets? 

Passion, mistaken identities, and a menacing stalker twist a love-at-first-sight story into a roller-coaster ride through the backstreets of Seattle, where tourists never go. Where both karma and sunshine can be so unpredictable in April. 

Nine Volt Heart is a light-suspense romantic comedy. It contains explicit sex scenes and the undeleted expletives you'd expect at rock recording sessions in Seattle. 

Annie Pearson's Rain City Comedy of Manners series explores misadventures in contemporary Seattle among people whose work drives their hearts' desires, often in conflict with possible love affairs. When odd things happen to quirky people, can they survive the wretched comedy of romance under grey skies? 

Reviewers say: 
"Get some sleep aids before you start reading Nine Volt Heart, Annie Pearson's rock music romance AND thriller. You'll find yourself rooting for a pair of unlikely lovers who must navigate Seattle's tangled indie music scene to stay together. Then there's the anonymous cyber-stalker who becomes oh too real. Pearson masterfully mixes suspense and love into a riveting read." 
— Emily Warn, Shadow Architect

August 7
Jugum Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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