Spiritual Game - KIRAN BABA On the Holy Business of Enlightenment

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Seek the seeker instead of enlightenment.

Once you find the seeker, enlightenment is already there.

This book isn't about enlightenment, but about you, the seeker.

To Kiran Baba when people come to India seeking a spiritual life, or enlightenment, as it is better known among seekers, they come with many misunderstandings and misconceptions about life itself. 

These misunderstandings and misconceptions if not properly understood can lead people to much more misunderstandings and confusion, and even make them prone to get easily caught in what Kiran Baba calls “The Holy Business,” which seems to be an increasing  factor in India, due to the number of foreigners who are heading to the Country every year in search of spiritual guidance.

In his discourses Kiran Baba shares with his friends - the seekers - his understanding about life; how it naturally functions. He speaks about the many misunderstandings that one has while entering into the spiritual life. He warn us about the so many games we can fall for in name of enlightenment. He clarifies the most important concepts related to the nature of the mind and the ego, how they function and how they are naturally required by life. He invite us to have our own understanding about what we believe we are missing in our lives and start realizing  each of us as an unique divine creation.

And if you are available, his discourses can also give you some clues where you can connect to life again, but this time having your own understanding that it is possible to relax and celebrate life in whatever situation it is bringing to you. You will understand that life cannot be a misery; life cannot be suffering. Life when deeply understood is just a play and it is absolutely beautiful.

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August 19
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