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Publisher Description

Losing a friend brings pain and sadness, no matter how old you are.  It doesn’t matter whether the loss is due to a fight, one of the friends moving away, just changing schools, or even death.

When the loss of a friend is due to death, and you’re only a kid, how do you face the fact that someone your own age has died?

“I Hate Strawberry Jam” is the story of just such a loss.  With the loving support of parents, teachers and a very special grandmother, the storyteller learns about different kinds of funerals, different ways of remembering people who have died, and leads the reader on a journey through grief and eventual healing.

Along the way many lessons are learned, the most important of which is that everyone, no matter what age, race, religion or culture, hurts when they lose someone they love.

I Hate Strawberry Jam is now available as an electronic book with a full color cover and more than a dozen illustrations added to the text by artist Hillary Spitzer.  

Some Reader Comments:

◆ “The book is really extraordinary and is just the best resource I have read for bereaved children!” - Dr. Theresa Rando

◆ “My Mother died when I was 13… Everything in the book is so real.” - AH

◆ “My grandmother and I have the type of relationship described in this book… It is wonderful to meet and learn with the storyteller.” - BN

◆ “…appropriate for all ages.  I’m 72 and my husband’s 77.  We both remembered those we’ve lost and didn’t feel out of place reading a “children’s book” at all” - RH

◆ “The story grabbed my heart…I found it very instructional as well as touching.” MH

Young Adult
August 8
Judith C. Joseph
Judith Joseph
Grades 3-17