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It’s just a regular day in the park. Not. Daisy is in the fight for her life after she stumbles upon a grizzly crime scene. She's chased through the woods, encountering even more danger. Geez... can her day get any better? Chad finds Daisy in a precariously troublesome situation and immediately goes into alpha (bear that is) mode.Both have feelings for one another—though neither know how the other feels.Yet, that doesn't stop Chad from wanting to keep Daisy safe. While stranded in the woods over night, the two must fight their attraction, the elements, and the crazy psychopath after them. If they get out of this alive will Daisy accept Chad?

Fiction & Literature
September 8
Bethany Shaw
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

sue zawisa ,

suzanne zawisa

I received this as a gift for an honest review
Chad and Daisy are park rangers and have been friends for a few years. Only problem is…Chad is a werebear shifter. He is in love with Daisy and has been for quite a while. She doesn’t know about him and he’s not sure how to tell her or what her reaction will be. But they are about to find out, because a serial killer is after Daisy when she stumbles upon his latest victim while he is there. Chad rescues her, not once but twice, the second time revealing himself as a bear to protect her. The question now is whether she can accept and love him in spite of this.

aries_sword ,


Rescued by the Bear-A delightful romantic story with spine-chilling suspense.

This story features Ranger Chad-a strapping, gorgeous alpha bear-shifter; Ranger Daisy, a sultry, audacious human who has captured the heart of the bear.

What you'll find in this story, impressive and engaging characters, outstanding story-line, powerful and pictorial scene descriptions, pent-up rage, life threatening incidents, gripping suspense, heart-throbbing sinful romance, and a heart-melting ending leaving you wanting more.


Fabulous exhilarating well written read by a truly gifted author. I so love when a story comes together and this one certainly did. The chemistry between Chad and Daisy certainly proves they were destined to be together. Chad's protective instincts make him a most valiant hero. If you relish shifter romance with danger and awesome characters this is definitely a terrific book for your library. {I was given an arc for a completely honest review. In the world of shifter romance the possibilities are endless but always fascinating. Without reservations I highly recommend this book....

shadowplay4u ,

beautifully enchanting and intensely thrilling

Rescued by the Bear is a beautifully enchanting and intensely thrilling story that stole my heart and made me feel every single emotion. There is nothing I enjoy better than a brilliantly written storyline that intrigues my mind and pulls at my heartstrings. This book filled all of those requirements and so much more. While it is a short read, it is still a breathlessly captivating journey that you will not want to miss out on.

Daisy is going about her day just like she always does when she discovers something she was never meant to find. On the run, she finds her luck quickly running out. All she can do it hope and pray for a better end than what she is envisioning. Chad is enjoying his evening until it is interrupted with screams from his friend Daisy. He quickly rescues her and whisks her away to safety. He will do everything he can to keep her safe because he won’t stand to see her in danger. Will he be able to keep Daisy safe, or will he find that he has no control over whatever happens in this deadly game of cat and mouse?

Romantic thrillers are my absolute favorite stories, and this one really made my day so much better. Chad and Daisy are amazing characters that showed a remarkable depth and beauty that I just couldn’t get enough of. Their discovery of mutual attraction was a beautiful thing to watch as it slowly unfolded before our eyes. They were so good for each other, and this start while not ideal made them realize that they can’t let life get away from them. They needed to take a chance on what they wanted and patently allow all of the pieces to fall where they may.

Bethany Shaw has once again shown her remarkable talent in packing huge amounts of heart and soul into such a small yet perfect package that is sure to tantalize your heart and make you sigh in pleasure. I have enjoyed the few stories that I have read from her library, and I am greatly looking forward to reading many more in the future.

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