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"She wasn’t what I expected yet everything I wanted." - Dave

Separated from her infant brother, Millie’s bounced from one shady foster home to another until fate guided her to the Mayers family. They opened its doors to their home, accepted her as their own and helped her to leave her gleam past behind.

Dave’s had a soft spot for Millie since high school. With a father working as a police officer, he protected her from thugs, jerks and bullies. The rebellious girl who captured his heart finally had the second chance she needed.

Growing up in the same home, Millie and Dave’s undeniable attraction brings them closer and sparks begin to fly. As Millie’s long lost secrets finally surface, her life is flipped upside-down again and she is faced with an unforgivable decision which buries her broken heart deep inside her chest.

Fighting for his best friend and lover, Dave follows in his father’s footsteps to enforce the law while helping Millie to find her way back to him. Can the couple fight through the pasts and tare down the obstacles placed before them to find a path to each other?

Read about their road to romance filled with angst, drama, twists and turns, in Perfectly Loved. 

Note: Intended for mature audience only. It is recommended to read the short prequel, Perfectly Kissed.

February 21
MyLit Publishing
MyLit Publishing

Customer Reviews

shadowplay4u ,

Perfectly raw. Perfectly breathtaking. Perfectly divine.

Perfectly raw. Perfectly breathtaking. Perfectly divine. Those are just a few words that I feel describe this heart-wrenching yet brilliant story aptly and accurately. Perfectly Loved is a truly powerful story that will quietly and unassumingly weave itself into your very heart without you realizing what is happening. It will open your soul to a beautiful yet bone-gnawing vulnerability that can only be achieved through a once-in-a-lifetime, epic love. Before you can blink, you will find your world has been tilted, your heart has logged itself in your throat, and you are being completely consumed by a soul-emblazing love. You will never walk away the same again, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Millie loves Dave even more then she dares to admit. He has seeped into her very soul and ingrained himself forever as a cherished memory. She can’t have more no matter how often her heart leads her back to him and no matter how much her body brings them back together. The ever present danger and the promise of unimaginable pain spurs her feet to carry her as far away from him as possible. They can’t be together. She can have anyone else but Dave. Her heart is free to want any other man except the one that it relentlessly screams for every waking second. No matter far she run or how much pain she inflects on him, Dave is determined to endure and to wait for her to grace him with the light of her honest and pure love once more. Will his patience be able to touch her conflicted heart enough to let him back in, or will he eventually find that his desire to have more in life outweighs the perpetual emptiness that waiting on her brings him?

Millie and Dave have settled into my heart ever since I first read about them in Perfectly Kissed. They was so much push and pull there that I couldn’t imagine what would be able to keep those two apart. Their connection was pure and intense in the best way possible, and to see this amazing couple viciously pulled apart and suffering absolutely shredded my heart. If any two people deserved the chance at a happy future, it was these two. I was overwhelmed with how much love and determination Dave showed Millie even when she never told him why she left him suddenly. He just simply loved her no matter how hard or how far she pushed him away. He knew that she was it for him, and that no other woman would ever complete him like she did. He was such a tremendously passionate and loving guy to her, and he never failed to take my breath away.

Lacy Silks never fails to knock the very breath from my lungs by her passionately exquisite stories! Her tremendously breathtaking talent renders me utterly speechless, and I love it every time it happens!! I look forward with incredible anticipation to the next masterpiece that I am gifted the privileged to savor and enjoy. This is one author that you don’t want to miss out on. While her writing is incredibly versatile, it is also felt deeply and intensely. You won’t walk away from her stories thinking the same way, and your perspective on life will shift a little more with each bit of exposure to her wondrously priceless heart.

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Tragic love story

Perfectly Loved is about a girl in the foster system who meets a boy who wants to save her. The story is in present time where Millie and Dave are now ex-lovers but we don't learn right away why that is. It's obvious Dave never wanted to lose Millie and we don't know if she left him to keep him safe or because he did something he shouldn't have or maybe both. There is a lot to unravel in this story and you don't learn the full truth until the end. The story skips around a lot from the present time to when they were kids and then back further to Millie's life with her parents before she goes into foster care. You learn little pieces at a time like you are solving a puzzle. Unfortunately, most of it is a tragic tale of a girl who can't break free from her trouble past that we later find out is because someone won't let her. Bring the tissues out for this tragic love story.

ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Stacyotr ,

Perfectly Perfect!!

Perfectly Loved was just that... absolutely perfect. I knew when I read Perfectly Kissed I had to have more of Dave and Millie.

In Perfectly Loved we get to find out what a wonderful man Dave is. No matter what fate, bad or good, has in store for them Dave is always there for Millie.

What I love about this book is that we get the full story. I love that Lacey takes us from the past to the present. It builds the foundation that Dave and Millie were destined to be together. Pain, heartbreak and evil have surrounded Millie until she met Dave Mayers and his loving family. Just when Millie thinks her life is going her way, evil in the form of Mark Savage rears his ugly head and turns her world upside down.

Get ready for a book full of love, action, drama and suspense that will leave you glued to the pages. Perfectly Loved is a definite five star read!

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