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A Desperate Magic: On Beltane eve, Mary Fallon Delaney steals to a castle ruin where her mother’s allegedly magical brooch has been hidden all these years, waiting for the right moment to summon a Celtic warrior at the hour of Ireland's greatest need. A legend to be sure—told to her by her late mother when she was a wee child—but Fallon is willing to try anything to save Ireland from the marauding English. She places the brooch on the hearthstone, waiting for moonlight to work its enchantment. When a stranger stumbles out of the mist, his head gashed, his memory gone, she stares in disbelief: He’s very naked and she’s a long way from home.

A mysterious stranger: As much as he insists he is no Celtic warrior from the fairy realm, this mad Irish beauty insists on calling him Ciaran.  He knows nothing of his life before he stumbled out of the mist, and he has no intention of getting swept up in the clash between the Irish and the English soldiers Fallon hates—until he encounters Fallon's nemesis, Captain Lionel Redmayne, who is obviously fascinated by the red-haired temptress. Suddenly Ciaran finds himself caught up in Fallon's world of rebellion and legendary magic, wishing he could be the hero she longs for. 

A sacrifice foretold: But whatever his identity—be it a mythical hero who will vanish when his quest is done, or a smuggler who will die on the gallows—Ciaran knows how the story will end. He will walk into the mist alone— unless the passion he finds in Fallon's arms is strong enough to ransom him from the secrets locked in his past.  Yet does Fallon have the courage to love an all too flawed mortal when she’s spent a lifetime in love with a dream? 

September 22
Kimberly Cates Books
Kim Ostrom

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