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A TV crew for a ghost hunting show has set up in Bailey, Indiana, to try to find evidence of paranormal activity, and seventh grader Lennie Miller has mixed feelings about it. Lennie is a Pattern Finder. She can see the supernatural creatures from the Mystical Realm that cross over into our world, and they search her out to help them solve their often-unusual and always-complicated math problems. It's a role that Lennie would happily give up. And now, with a TV crew in town, that might actually happen.

The creatures in the Mystical Realm are worried about being discovered. If they are, they'll have to move the Mystical Realm to another location, and they'll have to find themselves another Pattern Finder. The idea excites Lennie...mostly. It would be great not to have to solve so many weird problems, but without the otherworldly creatures around, would life become boring in her tiny rural town? 

While Lennie wrestles with this dilemma, she and her best friend Gil must solve a variety of paranormal problems, many of which are related to trying to keep the Mystical Realm hidden. But Lennie struggles with whether or not she should be solving these problems at all. If she simply did nothing, the TV crew would undoubtedly discover the Mystical Realm, and she would never have to solve another problem for the mystical creatures that live there. It would sure be nice to be a normal kid again. Or would it? 

Night of the Eerie Equations is the third volume in the Mathematical Nights series. The book contains several real-world (other-world?) math problems, which readers can try to solve on their own, or they can follow along as Lennie and Gil calculate the solutions.

Young Adult
November 12
Royal Fireworks Publishing
Royal Fireworks Publishing Co., Inc.
Grades 5-10

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