Practical Auto Layout for Xcode 7

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One  Storyboard to Rule Them All

Do you really want to write 20 storyboards to cover three sizes of iPhones, the iPad, iPad mini and iPad Pro, and iPad multitasking windows? You don’t have to. Auto layout, size classes and stack views in Xcode 7 make this task easy. You can make one storyboard for all 20 layouts, and sell many apps as universal apps that couldn’t before.   We are getting close to the time Apple will require Auto layout and size classes. 

In iOS8, Apple made it impossible to code popovers, modal views, Alerts and Split views without size classes. In iOS9, multitasking requires it. But most developers do not know the difference between a regular width and compact width.  Doing so, they risk their code becoming obsolete and useless. You need to know size classes, or your code can break in iOS9. 

In Practical Auto Layout for Xcode 7, using simple, practical, easy to follow examples, you will learn how to master auto layout and size classes on the Xcode 7 storyboard. Using easy to follow examples, you will learn how to make universal apps quickly easily and in far less time than ever before. You'll learn how to use constraints the right way, how to avoid and resolve errors such as misplacements and conflicting constraints. You be able to customize your layout for both launch screens and your application, using buttons, labels, images, text fields and more. 

Xcode 7 and iOS 9 introduces two new wrinkles in the layout of your app: stack views and iPad multitasking. Practical Auto Layout for Xcode 7 covers what you need to know about multitasking on the iPad for the best user experience and how little you have to do to make this a  powerful addition to your app. Stack view make the most complex auto layout storyboards and simplifies them.  

Practical Auto Layout for Xcode 7 shows you how to use stack views effectively to make layouts that work on all devices in minutes.  


Computers & Internet
November 30
Steven Lipton

Customer Reviews

rgreti ,

Great Book!

I have been waiting for such a book on this specific and what I consider difficult tile. The author has mastered this technology and has put it a book that is very well written. What I like is the fac that there are constant updates if anyting is missing or needs updating. I always look forward to this author’s latest book releases!

casdvm ,

A Major Problem Solver

I have been developing OS X and iOS applications for a few years, and this is the first clear, concise, and USEFUL collection of instructions for getting started with AutoLayout. The chapters are short, and do not contain long-winded explanations, rather, the author explains what it going on, and moves along to the next topic. The entire book can be worked through in a day, and the reader can then immediately apply the information.

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