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Five short murder mysteries with ghosts.

Derek Quill is an elderly gent who can see the ghosts of murdered people. With the help of his ghostly friend, Pearl, he finds out who killed them.

A Lonely Murder

In his first investigation, Derek meets the ghost of Eric Malone. Derek knows Eric from his schooldays. Eric bullied Derek mercilessly back then and now he’s asking for Derek’s help. Derek soon discovers that Eric never changed his bullying ways and there is more than one person who could be a suspect.

A Slip And A Trip

Derek and Pearl meet Ryan Buckley, a young man who died when he apparently slipped in front of an oncoming bus. It’s soon obvious that Ryan was murdered. Derek and Pearl speak to Ryan’s family and friends. They find out that more than one person benefitted from Ryan’s death. But who actually killed Ryan?

Gossip To Kill For

Derek meets the ghost of Gabby Johnson, a 22-year-old who worked at a local hairdresser’s. Gabby loved a bot of gossip and knew many secrets. Derek and Pearl discover that Gabby died because she knew a secret about someone connected with the hairdresser’s.

A Dreadful Day Out

Derek receives an uninvited ghost in his home - a woman called Beryl Sherburn. Derek finds out that Beryl accidentally fell down the 199 stone steps in Whitby whilst under the influence of drink. Beryl vehemently denies being drunk and convinces Derek that she was actually pushed down the steps. Derek and Pearl set out to find her murderer.

Left To Die

Pearl is not quite herself as she introduces Derek to the latest ghost who needs their help – a young man called Kevin Shepherd. Pearl tells Derek that Kevin has a simple, yet joyful, soul and that only a particularly evil person would have wanted to murder him. Derek is determined to find out the truth about Kevin’s death.

Fiction & Literature
December 7
Gillian Larkin
Draft2Digital, LLC

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