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Explore South Korea's weird, wonderful, and offbeat side.

Worthy Go guides are your key to enjoying a city or country. Get off the beaten path and head to some awesome places most tourists have never heard of.

Just a few of the places inside:

A brewery where makkeoli (rice wine) is madeA museum dedicated to art about chickensA Buddhist temple full of fighting monksA sculpture park full of retired erotic artA shrine containing umbilical cords of a past king's childrenA park dedicated to a faithful dogA Buddhist temple with over 10,000 plastic BuddhasA museum dedicated to toilets
This isn't just a list of places to go...

Worthy Go's mission is to make travel awesome, and to set you up to succeed. That means giving you plenty of info to prepare before you arrive:
Icons - know at a glance if it's free, safe for kids, easy to find, etc.A brief intro to the city / countryRecommended hostels / hotelsWhat to bring, how to get around, how to connect to the internet, safety warnings, and moreA location index, a category index, and an alphabetical index
Oh, and plenty of specific directions.

Last updated: July 2018

Buy now and start exploring the awesome side of South Korea.

A few early reviews:

"If you think all guidebooks are the same, you're mistaken. Weird and Wonderful Korea tosses out the window what most guidebooks tell you to see. What's inside are easy to follow itineraries showing the more interesting side of Korea. If you're looking for something new to see and do, this is your ticket to adventure."

-- Steve Miller, travel vlogger, QiRanger.com

"Chris Backe has put his time in Korea to great use traveling, exploring and learning. It's great to hear that he's put all of his knowledge into a comprehensive volume about the country."

-- Steven Revere, editor, 10 Magazine

"This gem by Chris Backe will take you far off the beaten track and show you a side of Korea that most Koreans don't even get to see. Keep this book at your side in Korea to enjoy a wider spectrum of the Korean travel experience."

-- Steven S. Bammel, creator, Korea Business Central

"Korea might be diminutive in size, but it doesn't lack for the colorful and offbeat. Chris does an outstanding job of getting off the beaten track to explore Korea's more unconventional side, and an even better job making that side accessible to travelers."

-- Robert Koehler, author, KOREA and SEOUL, and editor of Seoul Selection

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Worthy Go
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