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I know what people think when they hear the name Sebastian Bennett.

Determined. Ruthless. Head of a business empire. From the outside, I look bulletproof.

Behind closed doors, though, family always comes first. My parents. My eight--yes, eight--siblings. Every single one of them nagging at me to settle down and get married. I may be bulletproof, but I can't seem to deflect them. No matter how many times I patiently explain that I don't believe in love.

I hadn't counted on Ava Lindt.

Beautiful. Funny. Just as stubborn as I am. It's frankly infuriating.

I only hired her as a consultant to make our next jewelry collection launch unforgettable. So why is it thoughts of her that I can't shake? Those curves, that smile… it's irresistible. And completely off-limits.

She won't risk her job. I won't risk my heart. But one kiss, one touch at a time, our sizzling chemistry is turning into a deep connection. With her time at Bennett Enterprises drawing to a close, I'll have to decide what I was wrong about-- her, or love.

January 14
Layla Hagen
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

BBQ griller ,

Sizzling Romance a Must Read

Your Irresistible Love by Layla Hagen is the first book in The Bennett Family series. It is a sizzling romance and an amazing story. I loved the story and could not put it down. Once again, Layla Hagen has once again shown that she is a marvelous story teller. Your Irresistible Love is the story of Sebastian Bennett, the oldest Bennett child and the CEO of Bennett Enterprises, the company he created and Ava Lindt, a marketing consultant hired by Sebastian and his brother Logan, the CFO to help with the of their next show. Sebastian is immediately attracted to Ava, but she informs him about the non-fraternization clause in her contract. Ava cannot afford to lose her job, she has no family and has dreams that she wants to achieve. Sebastian pursues Ava and eventually they begin to date. Ava is not like other woman that Sebastian dates, she does not want anything from him and calls him out when he wants to give her a ruby necklace. She reveals that is Sebastian's problem, giving women luxurious gifts. Sebastian has dated women that use him for his money and position and Ava has dated men that have cheated on her and then have blamed her for it. As Sebastian and Ava's romance blossoms, Ava decides to move in with Sebastian, since they both think their romance will be done when her contract is over in four months. Ava falls in love with Sebastian and all the Bennetts, she always wanted a big family and she found it in with the Bennetts. Both Sebastian and Ava profess their love for one another. I love the characters, Layla Hagen always writes about strong female characters. Your Irresistible Love is filled with Layla Hagen's normal bittersweet and poignant moments, not to mention her usual plot twists that I have come to expect and love! There were several plot twist in Your Irresistible Love, and I am so glad that they all get resolved. So happy that Ava and Sebastian got their happily ever after. So looking forward to starting the next book in the series. I love the Bennett family.

Toni Anderson ,

Takes too long to get to the point

If it ever does... the book lost all credibility when the supposedly alpha male bursts into the heroines office and very childishly proclaims I’m the CEO you can’t ignore my emails... any lady boner that I had was lost in that moment. As a matter of fact, I stopped reading completely then.

Initially I was willing to overlook the fact that the author had to follow EVERY PIECE of dialogue with a completely unnecessary explanation about said dialogue. The book could have been cut in half with all of that.

Also the heroine had tendencies that were extremely masculine at times and it didn’t work well for me with the dynamic. She was way too forward.

Feli1011 ,


This book was funny sexy and sweet all in one ! I couldn’t put it down i ended up reading it in less then 6 hours !!

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