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The Word Within the Word II  is the second volume of Michael Clay Thompson’s The Word Within the Word language arts curriculum. This program uses etymology, not memorization. Latin and Greek stems are presented as a system of thinking, a way of building, analyzing, spelling, pronouncing, using, and choosing words. Students will know far more than the list of words encountered in this book.

The Word Within the Word II builds on the knowledge of Volume I. There are 30 lessons, and at the end of each lesson, there is a cumulative test that reinforces all prior lists. Through constant review, students build ever-increasing familiarity with not only the words but also the stems that make up the language they will be expected to know in college and professional life.  

Each lesson includes a profusion of readings and activities: a list of stems; examples of stem-based words; a four-level analysis of a sentence from a classic novel that uses one of the words from the list; pronunciation guides; Spanish cognates; Notes pages that take a closer look at the list of stems and highlight special points or additional information; an investigation of words from the list that have been used in classic literature; a story written with an overabundance of the lesson's words that the student must translate into ordinary English, pages of analysis, analogies, and antonyms; Ideas pages that expand the student's contact with the stems through activities of synthesis, divergence, analysis, evaluation, intuition, emotion, and esthetics; an Inventions page that gives the student the opportunity to create words just as scientists, writers, and others do; and an essay about rise of the Roman Republic, complete with photographs of Roman life.

Additional digital book features: The digital book features additional interactivity in every lesson, including activities on reading comprehension, analogies, antonyms, and classic words. Each chapter concludes with an interactive test that allows students to check their knowledge.

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January 8
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Grades 7-10

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