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I know nothing of love. 
Then again, I don’t know much about people 
I’ve been burned enough to have lost my faith in them 
Brannon seems to be an exception 
For years, he has proved that I could trust him 
But my past would surely drive him away 
The question is, can he trust me? 

Hayleigh is not my fate 
But, she is my destiny 
I need to convince her to trust me, to believe in us 
For years I’ve stood back, and given her time 
Now I need her to light the dark that is slowly consuming me 
I want to tell her all of my secrets 
The question is, will she survive them? 

*This book is recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual content. 
**This is a full length novel

October 14
Elle Christensen
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

TracyKalvin ,

Love the Fae!

I am so in love with the Fae! Elle Christensen brings us back to Rein and the Fae with another fabulous installment of The Fae Guard. This story is about Brannon and Hayleigh. Hayleigh comes from a difficult past, full of layers that sweet Brannon is dying to pull away. When she finally lets some of her guard down, Brannon leaps at the chance, and we get to see a beautiful story of trust, friendship and love.

I've loved watching Brannon and Hayleigh throughout this series. I knew their book was coming and Ms. Christensen did not disappoint one bit. I loved watching Hayleigh and Brannon build their trust over everything. While it took Hayleigh a bit longer to get there than it did Brannon, their journeys were uniquely difficult for a Fae. Their unwavering love for each other helped them through it, and in the end, protected them all.

For me, Brannon's journey throughout this made the book. It was fascinating to see a Fae need to act so un-fae-like and the emotional struggle it was for him to go so against his grain. It tore me up to watch Brannon fight himself during it.

I hope you will give this series a chance. As someone who rarely read anything involving paranormal prior to this series, let me say, IT IS FABULOUS! This book is a standalone, but as always, I highly recommend reading in order

Lorisings05 ,

Best book in the series so far

There are things that are gut-wrenching in this story but it make the sweet, happy, and dirty times, that much yummier!

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