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Stone Town, Zanzibar, Early 1866

RyAnne Hunter is determined to stop her father from leaving for the continent of Africa, where he plans to start a mission station. And she only has until morning. Tonight at the Harcourts' Annual Ball will be her last chance to change his mind. She must succeed! Papa's health, and her future, depend on her success. But, as if her task isn't difficult enough, now the insufferable Captain Dawson has agreed to guide Papa's expedition!

After spending six months at sea, Captain Trent Dawson only wants to think about rest and relaxation. However, when he's recruited by a British naval officer to help put an end to a slave smuggling ring, the perfect opportunity presents itself in Dr. Hunter, who needs a guide to the Interior. Now if he can just help the doctor without spending too much time with the man's troublesome and flighty youngest daughter.

A thrilling historical romance from the time of missionary explorer David Livingstone.

This is episode #1 of a 6 part serialized Christian historical romance. 

Fiction & Literature
March 15
Serene Lake Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

BethanyMarks ,

Simple is clearly impossible!

RyAnne Hunter is the youngest, green-eyed, feisty daughter of of a doctor in Zanzibar, Africa. Dr. Hunter is leaving on a long trek inland into the continent. RyAnne is single minded in her quest to stop him from leaving her.

Captain Trent Dawson is guiding the trip. A service he is happy to provide since Captain Dawson is secretly under contract with Her Majesty to end the illegal smuggling of slaves. Although Captain Dawson would like nothing better than to keep things simple, that is clearly impossible.

RyAnne, the daughter of Ryan and Anne, is overtly named. Especially intriguing to me since there is an unspoken family secret about her. I can’t wait for what is next in series!

I received a complimentary book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

hickkids ,

Begining of a new series. I think it’s great!

RyAnne knows her father has health issues and will likely not make it back from the adventure he is about to embark on with Captain Trent Dawson. Though she tries to convince him not to go, the trip is to go on as planned. The night before the journey is to begin, the family attends a ball. It is an action filled evening. But in the end, RyAnne is not able to change her fathers mind.

Trent likes to rile RyAnne. They clash often, but there is also quite a spark of chemistry between them. They make you smile, and even laugh out loud a few times. Two more stubborn but determined characters never existed.

Lynnette Bonner has done an amazing job in developing these interesting characters that are involved in all sorts of things. Slave trade, family secrets, unsavory characters. You’ll find them all in the Sonnets of the Spice Isle’s Episode 1. I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of these episodes that will be releasing every few months. And while you enjoy the story, make sure you enjoy the cover, which is also created by this multi-talented author. She’s a favorite of mine, both for her great story telling and her cover artwork. Pure God given talents!

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