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This is the companion volume to “Authentic Bel Canto Vocal Instructions: The Ten Essentials” to provide the teacher and student with a rich multimedia audio and notation series of vocal exercises in the classic bel canto technique. The screens are embedded with audio clips with the author’s verbal instructions, examples of how the exercises are to be sung, demonstrations, and piano accompaniment for high voice (soprano, tenor) and low voice (alto, bass). 

Instructions are provided in posture and breathing, with specific instructions, audio, and notation for each of the exercises. What makes the Authentic Bel Canto series unique is how it brings together the exercises of Italian masters Porpora/Sbriglia for beginning voice; Marchesi’s exercises for advanced voice; vocalizes to correct specific problems; and those intended to develop coloratura. The Marchesi vocalises include the important syllables which she originally used with her students - information which is sorely missing from other Marchesi vocalise books available today. Also included are the exercises of Jean de Reszke which were handed down to the author’s teacher Maggie Teyte when the author studied with Teyte in London early in her career.

This electronic book will become a lifetime companion for the serious student of vocal technique and performance.

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March 19
Authentic Bel Canto
Authentic Bel Canto

Customer Reviews

Chicago voice teacher ,

Excellent resource!

I'm thrilled that Mrs. Mitton has created these amazing resources for understanding, learning and teaching bel canto singing. I own both the hard copy and the iBook versions. These books are very well written and edited, and the information is priceless. I highly recommend them! The recordings and collection of vocal exercises are both very well organized and easy to follow. It is wonderful to be able to hear the instructions given in the author's voice.

Music Conductor ,

Music Conductor

This book is jam packed with incredible content preserving the historic art of Bel Canto singing. Every vocalist should own this and learn what is being taught here! The vocalise exercises are a must have and any vocalist who can really keep up with them will have mastered the art of singing.

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