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What happens when a quirky artist meets a bad boy

Ember never thought she'd fall for a bad boy like Vance, even if he did read Hemingway

Vance and Ember didn't love each other at first sight. They didn't even like each other. 

Ember, with her quirky ways, and Vance, and his angry, broody exterior. But there was more to both of them than met the eye. And when layers were peeled back, all their broken pieces exposed, they soon got a lot more than they ever bargained for... 

And found a love they never expected

March 19
Beth Michele
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

The Pleasure of Reading Today ,

A beautiful, touching story, Beth Michele can do no wrong 💜

Beth Michele is a masterful crafter when it comes to her stories. She builds storylines and characters that will have the reader captivated throughout the book. Life in Reverse is a prime example of this.

Vance Davenport is existing, but not really living. Seeing his mother's life wasting away due to a debilitating disease, a disease he can't do nothing about, is slowly increasing his despair. He goes to see her and comes back home distraught and feeling like his soul is dying a little more each day.
Ember Bennett, has experienced one of the biggest loses a human being can go through, but even though she never forgets, her spirit is full of hope and cheerfulness. And maybe, Ember is just what Vance needs to start living again.
One of my favorite things about this author is the way she builds her characters' relationships, a slow build that gives us a better understanding of both parties and help us fall in love with them every step of the way.
I found parts of this story, incredibly realistic and touching. I've seen first hand many people in the same position as Vance and his mom, I thought that Beth did a beautiful job describing their relationship and his feelings before and after his visits to her. It broke my heart to see them both and I understood the pain he experienced every time, more than a few tears were shed while reading this book.
Beth surrounded the two main characters with very lively and likable secondary ones, they all complement each other making the story more interesting and giving it a bit more depth. And while there is plenty of hurt, heartbreak and loss, there is also enough joy, love and hope to make this one of the best books I've read this year.

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