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In the 23rd century, war has ravaged the planet.

A biological weapon has decimated the population, and those who remain have been driven to desperate measures to survive. Over the course of a century, evolution delivers an answer — the Xeno gene, which provides its bearers with immunity to disease. All adolescent girls are tested for the X-gene, and carriers are obligated to bear children for the good of the human race.

The promise of salvation comes at a terrible price.

Stone Emmerson, heir to a position of supreme power, is surprised to learn his best friend Kella is an X-gene carrier. He’s quick to claim her as his own, but as a mere servant, Kella can’t help but doubt his motives. Before he can offer the protection of his name, she escapes his household. Mourning her loss, Stone becomes a black sheep among his peers by focusing on the welfare of his people.

While survival and freedom hang in the balance…

Starting over under an assumed name, Kella is a founding member of the X-Diplomats, a radical group dedicated to stopping enforced X-gene testing and promoting equal rights for commoners. Years pass before she crosses paths with Stone again. As the web of deceit that has come between them unravels, their love begins to grow. But can Stone turn a blind eye to Kella’s violent revolution and see the justice of her cause? Or will their differences prove too great to overcome?

What price would you pay to break the chains of oppression?

March 24
Bama Girl Press, LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

shadowplay4u ,

a fantastic epic adventure

Lie To Me is a fantastic epic adventure that will delight you with non-stop action awhile setting your imagination ablaze. This is a story that will easily pull you into many different directions at once. Just when you think you know what will happen next, a wonderfully unexpected twist will come along and turn everything on its ear. I thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to enjoy such a deeply multi-faceted journey whose incredibly astounding characters will steal your heart and take your breath away with the magnitude of their depth.

What would you do if you were born into the wrong family, or perhaps the wrong side of the tracks, or even the wrong part of society? Would you have the heart and fortitude to stay brave and fight for your dreams? Could you deal with the injustices that happened to you and those like you? Would you throw aside the chance at a love more pure and powerful that you ever imagined over lies that seemed more true and honest based on the world you were born in? This is the kind of life that Kella finds herself in, and rather than believe in the friendship and honesty shared between best friends and risk her heart being torn to shreds, she choose to believe in a very convincing and deadly lie. While living her new, she comes face to face with the one person she thought she would never see again. While her heart betrays her at the very sight of him, her mind fights to protect her from inevitable heartbreak and disappointment. Can Stone convince Kella that she has believed a lie all this time and show her the light of the truth, or will she distance herself once and for all from any more hurt and devastation from her past?

I couldn’t have been more pleased to find such incredibly amazing characters throughout this story! Even the ones I loved to hate were wonderfully fleshed out making them deeply spellbinding in their own right. It was so easy to relate to Kella and her precarious place in society, and I loved seeing her vulnerability and honesty throughout the story. When she opened herself to Stone, she did it with complete confidence that he would either accept her reject her completely. With her there was no middle ground, and that gave Stone the perfect way to show her that what he felt and would always feel towards her was nothing short of genuine and lasting. He accepted all of her no matter what anyone else thought, and once she understood this, it empowered her like nothing else. Standing apart from other is much easier when you have someone else to stand next to you.

Gracen Miller has enthralled me with her astonishing imagination and her absolutely humbling heart. With her exquisite talent, she will have you under her spell in no time, and you will not want to leave the truly impressive and unforgettable world that she has created. This is one author that will make a lasting impression on every part of your heart and mind.

Cchimni ,

A story filled with action, passion, friendship, and love.

Gracen has woven a great futuristic tale with amazingly captivating characters. I couldn't put it down once I started. Kella is exceptionally strong and devoted to her beliefs. I love her spunk. Stone remains devoted to Kella even when he believes she is dead. I love his persistence and passion. Lie to Me is an awesome story about rising above cultural divides and following your heart. A story filled with action, passion, friendship, and love. Highly recommended!!!!

cansel ,

Gracen has done it again!

Not a lot I can say here, as many of you will not have had a chance to read this yet, and well I’m known for being really vague in my reviews. It isn’t that I don’t want to talk about the books I read, I do. I just feel a need to make sure everyone has the opportunity to ride the waves of emotions and see the full picture the words paint for you, before I have a conversation with you about it.

I will say that I was excited to read this book, mainly because it is so far out of Gracen’s normal genre, and I wanted to see what her wicked mind could come up with. She did not disappoint! Interesting, and nicely developed characters, mystery and adventure all taking place in a dystopian world.

There are injustices, lies, and an off-balance of rights and wrongs. Kella is thrown into a world far different from what she grew up in, at a very young age. You spend some time trying to figure out how you feel about Stone – and I’m not going to give you my opinion of him, I’ll just say that he was definitely not what I expected.

What you need to know is I enjoyed the book, and look forward to reading the next. I felt that the imagery was good, I could see the world develop, as I read. I felt a nice connection with Kella, and I had my emotional roller-coaster, so Gracen did her job very well. You also need to know that this is nothing like The Road to Hell series, so do not read it thinking it is going to be a typical Gracen Miller book – because it isn’t. It is, however, a good book, and definitely one I would recommend you read, even if dystopian isn’t your genre.

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