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This year, the secrets are coming out. Ooh, 8th grade is gonna be so juicy!

"What I like about this series is the personal way it relates the female coming-of-age experience, something of a mystery for male readers, but worth looking into for any guy who wants a closer understanding of the women in their life."Ron Edison

Dear Diary,
I know I’ve been stuffing you with secrets lately, but get ready for a whopper: I don’t know if my boyfriend is actually my boyfriend. I’ve tried talking to Nate, but he just runs off to babysit or hang out with Ricky, and I ended making a fool of myself during naked HBO shows.

I’d really like to get through my last year at Fairmount Middle School unscathed, but Heather and her terrible boyfriend aren’t making it easy, and watching Reggie fall in love with my lifelong crush is the rotten icing on the eighth grade cake. With my luck, I’ll break a leg during the last show choir performance of the year.

But with my luck, I also might learn something.

Thanks Diaryfriend,
Darla Decker

A frank and funny look at the path to adulthood, "Darla Decker Plays It Straight" continues a journey of love, loss, and the nitty-gritty of growing up through Darla Decker’s eyes.

"If you are looking for an entertaining read, this is the one. If you haven't read the rest of the series, you should go back and start with book one because for me, it has been a pleasure to watch these characters grow up and I am certainly looking forward to more installments. Trust me, this is the kind of book where, if you had access to a time machine you would want to take the books back in time and give them to the childhood version of yourself. Then, many years later, when they start making Darla Decker movies, you can tell everyone about how you've been hanging out with Darla since you were a kid yourself." ~ C. Clark, Author

Evolved Publishing presents the fourth book in the Darla Decker Diaries series by Jessica McHugh. This edgy young adult novel follows a girl's tentative journey toward adulthood. [DRM-Free]

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Young Adult
March 25
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