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The Midnight Series, two stories in one box set: Midnight and Midnight Sky. 

Intense and romantic, fall in love with the Midnight Trilogy: an epic tale of passion and deception. Colin McKenna, a focused man who won't be distracted—not until he meets a beautiful journalist who changes his life forever. Charlise "Charlie" Carter, a woman with a past she longs to forget—yet it threatens her very existence. The McKenna Chronicles tell a compelling story of burgeoning trust, sacrifice and a love so true it rises above pure evil.

Midnight: One destined meeting. It alters journalist, Charlise "Charlie" Carter's course. When asked to work on a Republican candidate's campaign, she's unprepared for the intense reaction she has toward the young, handsome presidential hopeful, Colin McKenna. 

Unable to resist Charlie's allure, McKenna succumbs to his desire and they find themselves exploring a passionate, physical relationship that is soon tested by not only their own secrets, but his political advisers. Traveling the country in pursuit of the presidential nomination, his career aspirations and complications from the past collide with their desire to be together, threatening to tear them apart forever. Midnight tells a compelling story of burgeoning trust, intense passion and secrets that could cause it all to unravel in a heartbeat. 

Midnight Sky: Confused and upset by dark revelations, Charlise "Charlie" Carter ended her relationship with the beautiful yet damaged presidential hopeful, Colin McKenna. But Charlie learns all is not lost, nor was her love given in vain. With a new understanding of how she came into Colin's life, and his true feelings, their sensual affair continues. Holding on to hope, Charlie gives him her heart and he's promised to protect it and her. Yet real danger lurks at every corner, in every city and behind each door. Colin must find a way to keep her safe and by his side, all the while remaining committed to his bid on the White House. While Colin wrestles with Charlie's security and the campaign, she struggles with new-found fame. Washington demands perfection and she is far from pure. Can Charlie remain true to herself and help Colin realize his dream? Or will outside forces tear them apart for good? Midnight Sky is a story of sacrifice and a love so true, it transcends public persecution and deep-seated insecurities. 

Midnight Sun: the third and final installment of the McKenna Chronicles is available April 2016.

***Please be aware, this is not a political drama, nor does it delve deeply into politics. The Midnight Trilogy is an epic romance about two people with disparate lives trying to come together. It also depicts many explicit sexual encounters and is meant for a mature reader.***

March 27
Elizabeth Miller
Draft2Digital, LLC

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