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Science Fiction and the Scientists lied…..

There was no golden age of discovery.  No FTL or Galactic Federations.  At first contact we found out how wrong we had been about the future.

Then a failed alien invasion had crushed our reborn hope.

Tim grew up a normal kid.  He went to school and spent time with friends.  After all ‘work hard, play hard’ is the way people live now.

All Tim had ever wanted was a nice entry level management position somewhere.  Preferably in The Corporation.  He didn’t know that he would become involved in something much bigger.   

There have never been many successful candidates for Marine training.  The requirements are high and only a few successfully complete training every year.  Humanity needs every Marine it has and more.

Tim will be put into a situation where he will discover the sabotage in the recruiting program.  Will he be able to expose the cause and fix it?  Or will he fail and watch as the experimental video game recruiting process is shut down?

Without the Marines how will humanity survive when the aliens come back?

Book 2 in The Corporate Marines Welcome to the Marines will be released 7 June

Book 3 in The Corporate Marines Star Traders will be released 29 June

Book 4 in The Corporate Marines First Deployment will be released end of 2016

Author's Note:

I just want to say thank you for taking the time to look at my book with a special thanks to those of you who have purchased it. I appreciate that you are spending your valuable time looking at my work, and it's my hope that it has been able to bring you some entertainment, and reading pleasure.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 16
Tom Germann
Draft2Digital, LLC

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