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Physical Mesomechanics And Spectrum Of Metal Surface Layer Excitation At Friction Process With Heavy Loading

A.Kh. Janahmadov, N.G. Javadov

The paper reviews the physical mesomechanics of structurally inhomogeneous media, de- veloped on the verge of continuum mechanics (macro level) and physics of plasticity and strength of deformable solids (micro level). According to the concept of the structural level of deformation, at friction the surface layer of deformable solids is an independent leading functional subsystem. It is shown that with an increase of the deformation level of material, it develops autonomous processes (plasticity waves) inside, which have a significant impact on the staginess of plasticity flow localization and the destruction of contacting bodies, at the meso level the deformation has a transitional-rotational character.

Influence Of Wingtips On Induced Drag Force Of Rectangular Wing

R.M. Jafarzade, M.H. Ilyasov, J.N. Huseynli

The paper examines the influence of wingtips on the inductive resistance of rectangular wing through the mathematical model based on the distribution of vortices. Assuming that the free vortices originate at the wingtips – the imaginary Π-shape vortex diagram is built above the wing at the height of wingtips. The air is considered to be incompressible. Referring to the Biot-Savart formula, the expression for the inductive velocity, generated by the free vortices, and their average values along the wingspan are found. The induced drag force and its co- efficient are determined through the average bevel angle of flow. The inductive drag force is analytically proven.

Application Of Coordination Polymers To Increase The Reservoir Oil Recovery

B.T. Usubaliev, E.E. Ramazanova, F.T. Murvatov, E.N. Aliyev, Y.S. Salakhova, M.K. Munshieva, F.B. Aliyev, A.K. Rzaeva

It is first time when an application of composite materials, BAF-1 BAF-2, on the basis of the co- ordination polymers is studied to improve the rheological properties of crude oil. It has been established that composite materials reduce the oil viscosity by 60-70% and also have a positive effect on other properties.

Relaxation Of The Non-Equilibrium Field Effect In In2O3-SiO2-Si-SiO2-Al Structures At The Non-Equilibrium Depletion Regimes

A.Z. Badalov, Sh.G. Zeynalova

The article studies in detail the effect of various factors on the screening time of In2O3-SiO2- Si-SiO2-Al structures, the influence of the lighting temperature, and the supply voltage on the duration of the non-equilibrium non-stationary depletion process. It is also examines the dependence of the current depolarization on the power supply impulse duration with and without exposure to the LED light.

The Theoretical Analysis Of Crude Oil Vapour Pressure And Cavitational Technologies Studying Of Physical And Chemical Properties Of Transported Oil In The Course Of Cavitation

S.K. Gezalov

We have worked out the criterion of fuzzy interval for minimizing target function with fuzzy coefficient. The given criterion shows adaptability of genetic algorithms for building pare-to-optimal solutions of multi-objective problem of transport logistics with fuzzy coefficient of objectives.

Science & Nature
March 28
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