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The 737 Handbook is an interactive technical guide for pilots which provides quick reference for sim or interview preparation from initial type rating to command upgrade. The book has been specially designed for iBooks and features interactive schematics, photos and videos with unique content. 

The information is sorted in different levels from most essential information on the page to in-depth information in pop-up windows. This enables you to choose the way you want to learn. Should you require quick reference you can go through the main text in the chapter. Should you however wish to explore the systems more in-depth you can do so by opening different pop-up windows and text, studying schematics and glossaries. Download the sample and try it yourself!

Main features:

• 228 pages divided into 19 chapters 

• Videos of different engine malfunctions

• Videos of flap, spoiler and aileron operation

• Videos of TCAS RA and EGPWS warnings, Autoland, VNAV take-off, Go-around plus many more

• FMC simulator with CPDLC and ACARS

• Full and interactive flight deck mock-up

• Fully Interactive schematics including Electrical, Fuel and Air Systems

• Other fully interactive schematics include: Reverse Thrust, Alternate Flaps, Standby Rudder, PTU, Lights, Display, Units, Flap Failures, Zone Temperature Control, NPS, Engine Fire Protection, Cabin Altitude with simulation of Rapid Decompression

• Photo galleries 

• System review

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May 8

Customer Reviews

lacikid ,

A must have for all 737 pilots and an invaluable tool for TR

The 737 Handbook is a well written, well structured interactive guide of the various systems of the Boeing 737. It is full of easy to understand useful information. I found it an invaluable tool during my type rating but I would also recommend it to line pilots to refresh or deepen their knowledge. It is an engaging reference with beautiful HD pictures, videos and interactive schematics that makes understanding of how systems work and interact a breeze. I can't recommend it enough.

Benton629 ,


This is the definitive guide to the Boeing 737 systems. The interactive schematics are well thought out and presented.

88075105427 ,

Just keeps getting better!

Excellent book. I fly for a major airline in the U.S. and I have a few airplanes under my belt, and I wish I’d had a book like this for those other aircraft. Of course, jokingly, I’d hate to be held accountable for all the information that’s in this book, come check-ride time :) The latest interactive pages are very interesting and helpful — great to be able to see the resulting inner actions of throwing a switch. The videos are great, too. Seeing the flight control pulleys and cables whirring away inside the wheel-well is very cool. There’s a lot in this book; just yesterday after updating to the latest version, I found the engine-start malfunction videos. How great to be able to watch the engine indications in real-time of all the different engine non-normals? If you’re on this airplane or about to train on it, you’ve gotta have this book. Honestly, it’d be foolish to not have it, and the price is certainly worth it. Moreover, the author is very receptive to reader input; I mentioned the benefit of adding imperial units for us non-metric folks and, after the next update….voila, there they were. Get this book…you’ll enjoy it.