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I took a life and deserved to be punished.

I didn't expect to get Axel Wagner instead.

Dating assholes removed my guilt and pain but my criminal past haunted me until the night I walked into Axel Wagner’s night club.

He breathed life back into my lungs and taught me how to go on. I survived for him but struggled to learn how to exist for me. 

He made living easier. 

He made me want to overcome my dark past. 

He pushed me to my limits until vengeance once again flowed back into my body.

We were meant to heal each other but when I tried, my revenge took on a life of its own and my past came back to haunt us both.

And everything Axel had built, including the glued pieces of my heart threatened to break again.

Get lost in Trish and Axel’s story of healing and finding a connection they never thought they would have in Broken Cheaters

Note: Broken Cheaters is Book 3 in the Cheaters Series however it can be read as a stand alone novel. Contains content suitable for mature audience only.

May 22
MyLit Publishing
MyLit Publishing

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shadowplay4u ,

epically exquisite and utterly breathtaking

Broken Cheaters is an epically exquisite and utterly breathtaking story of unwarranted redemption and unblemished love. There is nothing more sizzling and touching then a man who finds the priceless treasure that has been missing in his life and does everything he can to keep her close and safe. Watching such a huge and life changing love bloom to life from the ashes of a painful and broken life literally stopped my heart more than once. This is the grand and life consuming love that every girl dreams of finding, and we are privileged to watch such a perfect wonder take shape before our very eyes. This is truly the stuff of dreams.

Trish longs to make up for her past, but no matter how much torture and pain she heaps upon herself, it never relieves the constant ache and deeply seated guilt that she carries around with her. Just when she thinks she has reached the pinnacle of her self-imposed vengeance, she meets a man who inexplicable touches the deepest part of her soul. Just when she thought she could no longer feel, he breathes life back into her stale, dying heart. Instinctively, she knows she can’t fight what is taking place, so she allows herself to so what she has been trying to stop for so long – truly living. Axel is a man who is living with only half of his heart. During one night at his club, he is drawn to the same intense and searing pain that he sees in the eyes of a most intriguing woman. He feels something spark and come to life as soon as she is in his arms, and above all he knows he can’t let her go. Can Trish open her heart to the possibility of a beautifully fulfilling life with Alex even if she doesn’t truly deserve it, or will her past come back and reclaim the only part of her soul that it didn’t viciously destroy?

I always knew that Axel’s story would be one that would shred every piece of my heart, and I was not disappointed in the least. What he had to endure was beyond unimaginable, but he did the impossible and then some for the sake of his greatest gift – his son. No matter what happened, he remained true to his heart while also keeping his son’s interest in the forefront of his mind. His devotion to his family was truly amazing and is what continued to draw Trish to this wondrously, beautiful man. Trish finally discovered the true meaning and purpose of family after years of just floating through life. Axel made sure that she understood just how much he loved, cherished, and wanted her to take lead role in every part of his life. The tremendously vulnerable and astoundingly raw love that was shared among this lonely, hurting woman, father and son literally blew me away.

Lacey Silks has proved yet again just how incredible she is. Her phenomenally inspired writing will permeate every part of your heart until you cannot deny what she is trying to get you to understand. She removes all your doubts until all that remains is the honest truth in all its radiant glory. Her stories will weave themselves into your very soul until you can’t tell where it ends and you begin. This series is such a special one for me. All of the stories that come from these amazing brothers truly reshape every part of their heart until all we are left with is the best part of the human spirit. This is what makes a story absolutely epic – uncompromising resolve, fervent passion, and an unrelenting pursuit of your heart.

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