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A fast, simple and powerful copywriting workshop for writers...

Are you making money as a writer? Or do you aspire to? Perhaps you’re a self-publisher, and want to sell your ebooks.

All writers need the ability to SELL their writing, and their writing products. These products, such as ebooks and blogs, make money for their owners long after they’ve written them. 

Sadly however, while many writers create these products, and hope to make money… it never happens.

They can write, but they can’t sell their words.

Simple but powerful copywriting skills help you to sell your writing. 

Write, and sell: you need copywriting skills

Copywriting equals SALES. 

The more confident you are in selling your writing services and products like ebooks, the more income you'll make. 

Discover simple and easy copywriting tricks that will have you selling like a pro...

You can...

* Double and triple your income almost INSTANTLY, in the time that it takes you to write one short ad;

* Get fully booked, with a waiting list of clients, who want to work with you;

Learning to write copy made me a successful writer. 

I started my writing career writing romance novels, and became a copywriter completely by accident. I was running a business, and we couldn't afford the expensive Sunday newspaper ads we were running every Sunday. 

One day, I got a sudden rush of blood to the head and wrote a press release. I sent it to all major media outlets. As a result, we got huge magazine and newspaper coverage, as well as TV coverage. Goodbye to expensive paid advertising; I discovered the power of words to promote, and sell.

I love writing copy, and I've been doing it very happily, for over 30 years.

Discover copywriting now. It's an essential skill for all writers.

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May 18
Angela Booth
Draft2Digital, LLC

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