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What's holding you back from the writing career of your dreams? If you want to write more, sell more, and have more fun writing... it's easier than you can imagine. Discover the secret to writing every day, and becoming a prolific writer.

Angela Booth shares her writing tips garnered from 30 years of writing. 

You'll find writing tips to help you to write for the Web, write books, novels, articles -- anything you choose to write, or must write. Become prolific, and eliminate procrastination.

You'll discover:

* How to let your subconscious mind do the work of writing for you -- tips which ensure that whatever you're writing, whether it's a short story, a novel, or anything else -- you sit down, and have words flow from your fingertips, without even thinking about it. You can get into the "flow" of writing easily, so that you write FAST and well;

* Ways to structure your writing -- you can use these forms to write anything you choose, including articles, short stories, novels, blog posts...;

* Five ways to turn off your inner editor -- and three ways to bring him back when you need him;

* How to develop your imagination: see it, and believe it, so that you can achieve any goal you care to set. Discover how to change your self image as a writer -- so you can become the writer that you really are;

* How to get inspired on demand. Discover how to to get outstanding ideas, also on demand, anytime you choose -- this is a wonderful skill to break through any and every writing block;

* Sixteen professional writers' secrets to help you to write more;
Three ways to deal with critics, inner and outer, AND how to handle all the real life stresses that get in the way of your ability to write;

* Ways to set writing goals that are fun and achievable for you -- and more ways to scale up your goals so that you can achieve your dreams as a writer;

* How to write truthfully and write more -- an easy way to turn off your inner censor. You'll discover how to use the "feedback loop" for enhanced creativity, and develop your ability to be creative on demand -- an amazingly easy and fun skill you'll learn and enjoy;

* Six ways to get your writing unstuck, and four ways to write when you have NO TIME to write;

* How to get comfortable outside your comfort zone -- now you can confidently take on any writing jobs and tasks you choose, and you'll be able to handle rejections, so that they inspire you -- you'll realize that "rejection" really doesn't exist;

* Exercises -- each writing tip gives you an exercise, so that you can put the tip into practice IMMEDIATELY. These writing tips will become part of your life -- and will change your life.

Get started writing easily and well today: these writing tips will change your writing life.

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May 30
Angela Booth
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