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For Dana Van Werner, anywhere was better than the home she had left behind.

Riding a bus bound for nowhere, she possessed several hundred dollars, her wits, hope, and an unbreakable will.  She also reluctantly carried the nightmares of beatings, fear, physical and verbal abuse, and her father's unfathomable hatred. 

This 19-year-old debutante was laughably unprepared for what lurked beyond the next bend in the road: an unforgiving “real world” of buses, predators, night people, jail cells, sexual exploitation, and fleabag motels.

Still, it was better than the home she had left behind.

Then there were the detectives; nameless mercenaries hungry for the bounty that her father—a wealthy, diabolical attorney--had placed on her head.  They were everywhere; perhaps one of them was in the next row, patiently waiting for the right moment to seize her and bring her back home.  One perverted operative in particular had no qualms about mixing pleasure with business. 

Before finding temporary refuge in a remote rural town—along with the love of a kindhearted deputy sheriff—Dana would endure an attempted sexual assault, robbery, a one-night stand as a stripper in a seedy honky-tonk, arrest and incarceration in the county jail, and an excruciating replay of her abused childhood.

However, a jarring twist of fate would bring her journey full circle, back to the mansion that was her gilded prison—and directly into a violent and bloody showdown with her abusive father.  A lifetime of suppressed rage—stoked by humiliation, fear, and pain—would finally erupt, scalding everything and everybody in its path.

This confrontation would prove fatal for one of the combatants.

This is an adult novel written in a bold, straightforward style that pulls no punches in depicting a silent epidemic spreading behind millions of closed doors.

However, it more importantly showcases a woman’s determination, bravery, and strength in the face of an emotionally devastating situation.  In the end, Dana Van Werner just might introduce you to an undiscovered part of yourself.

Fiction & Literature
June 23
Ross Ponderson
Draft2Digital, LLC