Chained to the Devil's Son

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It was supposed to be the start of a new chapter in their lives. What it turns out to be is a life worse than death.

When Evelyn Jones’ family makes a wrong turn onto the property of one of the most racist men in the south, she discovers that Hell is definitely a place on earth. She thinks the man who takes her family captive, to suffer under his sadistic rule and hateful tongue, is the Devil himself. Eve relies on the few memories of the loving life her parents once provided to survive. Yet, constant fear overshadows her lost free-spirited youth and she is losing all hope.  

Junior Shaw is the only one who has to endure his father’s torture until they arrive. No one understands the survival of the fittest like Junior. The strong stomps on the weak and the weaker are stomped on repeatedly. Junior is the weak according to his father. Being brought up under evil’s hoof is hell, but when his father turns his hatred on Eve’s family, Junior adopts the role of protector. But, who will protect him?

Two children must mature under horrid circumstances and soul-crushing abuse. This standalone full-length novel is a tale of uncompromising hate and unending love and devotion. Delve into the darkness of Chained to the Devil’s Son.

Subject matter may be challenging for some readers. Readers discretion is advised. The book is for readers 18 years and older.

July 12
SSW Publications
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

DS11627 ,


I have never been so emotionally invested in the well being and fortunes of characters that don't really exist. Lol! The emotions this author ringed out of me was unexpected. I will never forget this story. Stand alone story with a well deserved HEA.

TiffyMePinx ,

One of the best...

The best book I've read all year. Simply put.

Every single emotion was grabbed with every page I read. Pain, sorrow, sadness, heartache, suspense, laughter, love....all of my emotions were tested while reading the book.

This story definitely has triggers and it's not for the faint at heart. I work in the criminal justice field so I see these kinds of things day in and day out. Victims like Jason, Pearl, Eve and Sadie remind me why my job is so important.

This story is about a family from the Maryland that got lost in a town in Alabama. Sadly, this family knocked on the wrong door. In a blink of an eye, Eve's father is killed and her mother, Pearl is badly wounded by Cefus. Cefus has a son, Jr. (Jason) and daughter, Sadie. Sadie is mentally slow so Jr. has to be extra vigilant. Throughout the 7 years Pearl and Eve are in the house, they are physically and mentally abused by Cefus. Jr. does all he can to protect his sister and what he considers his new family, Eve and Pearl. Every time Jr. tried to get help, Pearl got beaten/raped worse, Jr. would get beaten (at one point, Cefus broke his leg) and Cefus would threaten the safety of Sadie. Jr. tried to get help from the sheriff but he would do nothing. When neighbors, his football coach, even social workers from the state questioned Jr. he would be threatened with the safety of Sadie, Pearl and Eve. The Sheriff would do this!! It's a mystery as to why the sheriff would protect Cefus until you read the entire book. Basically, Jr. didn't know who he could trust. I found myself yelling at the book, "here's your chance, say something!"

Please read this book. Not only are you emotions tested but your heart will be as well.

Ms. Shea Swain, you did that! I'm a fan!

HEA ❤️

Happy reading, friends!

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