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Carlos Santini has seen the worst of war first hand. After leaving the Marines, he decided to open a therapy ranch. If he can't fight anymore, he wants to help those who have served and who are still serving. Everything is fantastic, but for one little issue, his assistant, Tia Mendoza. The woman is bossy, sarcastic, and so hot he can barely keep his thoughts straight around her.

Tia loves the work she does with Carlos. She thrives helping other veterans like her brother. Of course, working for a man like Carlos isn't easy. He has a hot temper and he is so sexy when he loses it. She can't help but test him, until the day she pushes him too far.

Carlos knows from that first kiss that Tia is the woman for him. But, before they can have that Santini HEA, they find the ranch they both love in danger from some very bad man. As the threats grow deadly, Carlos realizes that before he can claim his woman, he will have to do everything in his power to save her life.

August 30
Harmless Publishing
Melissa Schroeder

Customer Reviews

Liz C. B. ,

You will “heart” the Santinis!

I have been reading Melissa Schroeder’s books for many years now. Not only do I enjoy her amazing story telling skills, but I truly appreciate how she develops her characters. As a reader, once you have finished a book, you feel like you know the characters, and you are left wanting more. Luckily for us readers, Melissa writes series, not just stand alone books, and she often weaves the characters from her prior books into her future ones. So, as a reader, you get to know new characters, but you are still given glimpses into your past, favorite characters lives.

One of her best series is the Santinis. These books focus on a military family, including many siblings and cousins that live all over the United States and elsewhere. What does this mean - lots of books!!! In her latest book, A Santina’s Heart, Melissa focuses on Carlos Santini, a Marine that is now running a therapy ranch, and his partner in the ranch, Tia Mendoza. These too are love nothing more than driving each other crazy and testing each other. And, after a while (and a little nudging from a slightly overbearing mom/family), they start wondering why they find the other’s temper and stubbornness hot and sexy. I suggest starting at the beginning of the series and reading your way through because there are references to other characters and storylines.

*I was given an advanced copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

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