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Cindy is a girl who goes after her dream no matter what. (Even if it is pure fantasy). And she set her sights on her brother's best friend, Paxton Vance, a long time ago. She does not give a single crap about the best-friend's-little-sister rule.

And sure, they call him Mr. Mysterious for a reason. He's a "Hollywood fixer". He handles all the celebrity mistakes in LA. He's dangerous, and moody, and probably shouldn't be drinking whiskey for breakfast. But lucky him—she's willing to be his partner.

Everyone needs a team, right? She's not afraid of a little scandal. Her last name is Shrike. She grew up the daughter of an infamous biker. And anyway, no one's just gonna hand you your "dream". You have to make it happen.

So what if Pax thinks she's delusional? Her parents didn't name her after a Disney princess just so she could live an ordinary life, now did they?

She's one-hundred-percent confident that good old Mr. Mysterious can hold his own against her brother, Mr. Match.

October 12
J. A. Huss
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Cath_87 ,

Love, luv, ❤️ Paxton Vance

Mysterious is my favorite Mister. I'm in love with Paxton Vance. ❤️
So many questions are still unanswered. This series keeps getting better with each Mister. This is one hell of a ride and a must read!!!

HollyReader ,

This bok is all the things! 5 Stars!!

Something big is happening. Huss hasn't done this to us since the Rook and Ronin series and I like it. Her brain, how does her brain come up with this? Honestly? I don't know and I don't care. I was sold in the first chapter. Done for. She sums everything up perfectly herself.

"It’s like we have one more corner to turn and then everything—all the elusive answers—will come into view."

Paxton Vance might be my favorite Mister. I know I say it every time but I mean it. Although, let's not count Oliver Shrike out just yet! Pax is adorable, he likes to think he's this tough guy but deep down he is just plain adorable.

Cinderella Shrike is a grade a tough girl. She is exactly what we all hoped Baby Bomb would grow up to be like! I love that when she sets her mind to something she keeps her mind on it. She doesn't back down. She makes dreams come true!

This book is all the things. It is a great romance, it has mystery and suspense and like any great Shrike book, it has guns. All of the sneak peeks into the Shrike family and the Aston family were a real treat. We received some shocking information that I still do not know how to handle, yet I have 100% faith in Huss to deliver us the answers when the time is right.

I'm looking forward to Mr Match for several reasons but mostly because it is the conclusion in our Mister adventure. It will be the icing on the cake, the grand finale.

Debsusay ,

Mr. Mysterious

First off, these books are not standalone books, there is a lot going on in the book, too many ppl to follow. too many f words , GD, so on... at one point I seriously though every page had at least five to 6F words… I read a lot.. I have to pass on author... happy reading!!

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