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You want to write a novel. Perhaps you can't get started. Or maybe you got started, and then you stopped.

You need a plan, broken down into easy steps. 

Now finally, here's a program which gets you off the starting blocks, and gets you into the novelist's game. It helps you to write a novel in 31 days.

31 days?

Yes, 31 days. A month. You may not complete your novel in 31 days, but you'll be well on your way. Best of all, you'll develop a writing habit, and strategies you can use to write many novels.

Writing fiction will cease to be a mystery. You'll know, without a shadow of a doubt that you CAN write. 

Master Fiction Writing: Craft A Novel in 31 Days 

This program began as a 30-day challenge which I organized for the Fab Freelance Writing Blog's readers in 2010. Hundreds of writers joined the challenge and  completed it. They wrote novels. Some went on to become self-published novelists. Others made a major breakthrough in their writing.

I was thrilled with the success of the challenge, and wanted to offer it again, but life got in the way.

So, I'm offering the program to you now.

You now have a practical and a doable program which you can complete, even if you've never written fiction before. I referred to the challenge in its original incarnation as "everything you need to know to write your novel, presented as a day by day program."

That's just what it is, and you can start Day 1 today.

Use this program to kickstart your fiction career. If you're already writing fiction, use the program to turbo-charge your writing. 

I wish you much success. Enjoy. :-)

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August 15
Angela Booth
Draft2Digital, LLC

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