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“On All Hallows’ Eve, after the stars align while the full moon casts no light and the skies burn, I will return…”

Mark Hunter had recited the prophecy countless times. The exhibit about witchcraft in early Saint’s Grove was the most popular one in the museum where he worked. It just so happened to be his favorite exhibit too; it featured his ancestor Johan Jager, the witch hunter.

As much as Mark loved the legends, he never believed they could be true. But when the celestial event that the witch foretold occurs, it rips open the seals between worlds and unleashes the witch and chaos upon the unsuspecting town of Saint’s Grove and Mark has no choice but to believe. Luckily, not all evil has come through the portals; Alexander Kemp, who hunted witches alongside Mark’s ancestor, has come as well.

Witches, Alex assures Mark, are very real and very dangerous. And one of the worst ones has taken possession of Mark’s sister. The witch has come to Saint’s Grove to harness the same power that brought Alex across time and use it for evil. She has seven days to carry out her plan, before the rift between time and space closes.

As the time ticks down, Mark realizes he has another problem; Alex intends to use the rift to go home and Mark isn’t so sure he wants the man to leave. Now, he has seven days to defeat the witch, save his sister, and figure out how to ask the man he barely knows to stay in the future with him.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 7
Elizabeth Kirke
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

sandra vaz ,

Where is the rest of this book?

This book started off great, it's a good read. I couldn't wait to see how things went between Alex and Mark. But then out of no where the book ends. Nothing even delevelops between the two men. It just stops while it was getting started. It can't even be called a short story and it was not worth the $3 since it literally just ended at a conversation. Very disapointing. Did i just get defective ibook copy? Don't think so but I hope there is more to this book than that.

DaZeeLady ,

Racing Time

I purchased this book. Alas, it did not contain 59 pages. Instead, it stopped at 41.
There was no resolution, conclusion.

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