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Eight-year-old Raymond didn’t like the big, bossy rooster very much. Then Dad showed him that by treating his little siblings harshly, he was acting like that rooster himself. 

Six-year-old Abby needed new shoes so badly. Didn’t God hear her prayers? Wasn’t He going to send some soon? Can Mom help Abby understand and keep on trusting God?

Zoe was afraid. There was an elephant in the attic where she was sleeping! She was sure of it! But what had Daddy taught her? “I will trust, and not be afraid.” Can Zoe, at seven years old, overcome her irrational fears and trust in God?

Jason and Joseph weren’t allowed to eat dinner till they had each split fifty logs of firewood. This was no problem for Jason, who had been working hard all afternoon. But Joseph had been a slacker. Now he had to face the Bible verse, “If any would not work, neither should he eat.” Will Joseph learn his lesson?

Read how Jonathan gave up a special horse ride to help his little sister, and how God blessed him for it. Learn with Timmy about salvation, Bethany about sharing the Gospel, Hannah about humility, and Anna Grace about sharing. Help your children understand these Bible truths and many more in these twenty-four elementary-level stories, placed in a homeschooled Christian family setting where God’s Word is always valued first. Each story includes interactive questions at the end to help children retain what they read.

September 1
Libby Lindblom
Libby Lindblom

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anon-anon-anon-2016 ,

Thank you

Very much appreciate the Biblical lessons woven into these interesting stories written on a young child's age level. Great family read-aloud!

Screen_Savers ,

Great book!

Wonderful book. I love the questions at the end of the stories.

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