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• Footsteps stomping up the stairs and entering the bedroom; the door slamming shut; the window opening and closing repeatedly... “Why was my mother being so passive-aggressive?”—but was it mother?

• Two Texas police officers respond to a “911” call from an elderly woman: her husband had fallen and was injured. Upon arrival, they find an unoccupied house—a phone call from the dead?

• Apparitions of a young girl and an angry man; loud banging on the door; his name whispered...Lee soon made a chilling discovery about where he lived.

Those are a few of the ghostly and creepy experiences that reside beyond the cover of this book. Anything Ghost Volume One includes many of the popular stories from the Anything Ghost Show—a the first ghost story podcast that has been airing since January of 2006.

If you enjoy true ghost stories told by those who experienced them, then you’re going to cherish Anything Ghost Volume One: Ghostly and Creepy Experiences.

Health, Mind & Body
September 3
Anything Ghost
Larry Wahl

Customer Reviews

ClayHatIsTrademarked ,

Lex keeps the scares coming!

I love everything about the Anything Ghost podcast, and now that Lex has compiled some of his best stories in text form, I'm getting goosebumps across multiple mediums.

Now I just gotta buy his music!

If you're like me and you like ghost stories, this book is for you!

ClayHatIsTrademarked ,

Lex keeps the scares coming

Love this book, love the podcast. Lex and Anything Ghost keeps my skin crawling across many mediums and I'm forever grateful.

Next up for me is buying his music.

Gonçalo Veiga ,

A great collection of spooky stories! Perfect for Halloween!

If you have listened to Anything Ghost, the podcast, you know you will love this book. If you haven’t, Anything Ghost is the best ghost stories podcast out there. Hands down. Lex Wahl invites people to share their scary and perplexing real life encounters with ghosts on his radio show. He then adds his own music and sound effects. And it never disappoints!

This book collects the best stories from the show and is totally worth reading!

Thanks for putting this together, Lex!

Taaaaaake caaaaaare!!

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