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What would you do if you knew you wouldn't get caught?

Unwind with this steamy love story. Told as a 12-part serial, each book is about the length of a glass of wine or a soak in the tub.

Isla Foster and Colin Jackman are strangers. Desperate to escape the daily grind of life, they each accept an anonymous invitation to a masquerade ball — one of the most prestigious events in New York City. There they are given lavish costumes, false identities and an opportunity to take part in a seductive game.

If they accept, using the aliases Grace and Marlowe, they'll meet each month for a year in a series of secret rendezvous, consequence free. No one will ever know where they go or what they do, as long as they follow three simple rules:
they must never know the other's identitythey must only meet at the prearranged times and placesthey must not fall in love
What could possibly go wrong?

"You'll be hooked from the opening scene." - Victoria Barbour, USA Today Bestselling Author

A Selection of Reviews

"Masquerade reads like a piece of chocolate after dinner. It goes down smoothly and leaves you craving more."

"Amazing fantasy getaway. Perfect rainy day read!"

"Ms. Francis is a skillful storyteller. She quickly captured the attention of this fussy reader and held my interest through to the end."

"Hard to put down."

"Absolutely phenomenal. Each part is better written than the last."

"I enjoyed this book as another fun diversion from my busy life."

"It has excellent characterization and I was pulled into the story, intrigued to know what would happen next."

"Absolutely love this format of delivery for a book. Oh Masquerade you have my attention now! I voluntarily reviewed this book."

"I really like this book. The characters were believable, the story had some mystery and I liked where the series was going to go with the Masquerade themes. I especially liked how this story was 'as long as a glass of wine'. I didn't test that but it was as long as a short stint on the beach. Now I want to see what happens in the next few stories!"

"This first instalment hooked me in every way: interesting opening, great detail, fully-fleshed major characters, each with a problematical life situation and minus my pet peeve -- poor editing. This instalment is expertly written AND edited, so there are no grammatical errors or typos to weaken/distract from the story. Kudos to Ms. Francis. I look forward to reading more!"

"What a fun escape these first two books are! I just finished part 2 and am left hanging in suspense and anxiously awaiting part 3 to be delivered. This is a unique way to read for me and I love it. Come on part 3!!!!!!!!!"

Fiction & Literature
September 18
Fifth Hammer Books, Inc.
Draft2Digital, LLC

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