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You have so much fun telling your stories or sharing your experiences with others. Finally, putting it all in book form makes your heart soar. It is organized, edited, and proofed, waiting for the final step.
If you choose to self-publish, "Writing & Publishing Books for Fun & Profit" guides you through the obstacles. Starting with the eBook version through the final print process, everything you need to know is in here. 

Put the fun back into this adventure! Relax and flow with each chapter, knowing that the options presented move toward the final goal, the best interests of you as an author. 

Although writing the story is the most fun, understanding the business side of what makes a successful author is necessary if you want to follow this path to the end.  

Along with the hours spent creating the content, authors add twice as many hours self-publishing and promoting their creation to readers. 

Outsourcing this part of the work is often the decision reached by first-time authors. So...do you think you have enough information at this point to make the right choices moving forward, or would more knowledge come in handy?

Maintaining control of your artistic creation is one of the main challenges faced when transferring your book's content into the hands of an outside vendor. 

 * Carefully review the chapter "Your Book in Print" for suggestions to help protect your content from publishing houses that prey on first-time authors. 

 * The chapter "Scams Abound" outlines the schemes used in today's market. 

 * For tips on securing the author's publishing rights, read the chapter "Choosing an ISBN."

"Writing & Publishing Books for Fun & Profit" provides you with enough data to make important decisions when selecting publishing packages or finding individual editors, proofreaders and aggregators (distributors).

With 20 books on the market, I can help you avoid the pitfalls of the publishing world.

If self-publishing, information in this book can save you money and time. Go directly to the most profitable solutions.

If you choose to turn your book over to vendors, understanding how publishing houses and aggregators operate and charge for their services is important. 

The end result is to see your work in print and online, sharing it with others. This can be an easy, fun ride or filled with regrets. 

October 1
The Maxwell Group
Draft2Digital, LLC

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