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In this spellbinding novel of romantic suspense, written in the tradition of Mary Stewart and Victoria Holt, the bestselling author of As Death Draws Near plunges readers into a world of secrets and deception hidden amongst the mist.

England 1812. Since the death of her mother and brother, Ella Winterton's life has been consumed by keeping her drunkard father out of trouble and the roof of their crumbling cottage over their heads. But even isolated deep in the Norfolk broads, Ella has never been afraid of the marshes surrounding her home, despite their being riddled with treacherous bogs and local smugglers. Until one night a man masquerading as a Lantern Man—a frightening figure of local legend—waylays her in the marshes near her home, and her world suddenly begins to spiral out of control.

Ella can tell her friends and the local villagers are all hiding something terrible, something they refuse to share, and she can’t help but wonder if it has to do with the Lantern Man and his secret activities in the shadows of the seemingly quiet broads. But when Ella’s father is caught with smuggled brandy by the authorities and levied a crippling fine, she is forced to turn to the stranger for help, despite her distrust and his alarming ability to kiss her senseless.

Now she must unravel a twisted trail of deception and secrets, and uncover once and for all whether the Lantern Man is friend or foe. Or else risk being dragged down into the marshes, like the victims from the myth, and buried in a watery grave.

October 25
Brightstone Media, Inc.
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Raider620 ,

I loved this book!

I hope this becomes a series. The storyline takes you to a whole new place in adventure and romance.

IAGram ,


Secrets in the Mist by Anna Lee Huber is a fantastic gothic romance!
It has all of the necessary ingredients: a damsel in distress due to no fault of her own, no way to get out of her predicament, and evil man out to ruin her and her family, neighbors with more money than they should have, and a mysterious figure who comes out of the mist to offer the heroine support!
It was the perfect bend of characters and action to keep me reading even when I should have been doing something else!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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