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Paperbark Wetlands is a collection of multimedia poetry lyricing the Australian landscape and invites the reader to walk among the melaleucas of the NSW Mid-north coast as well as some of the magical places across Far-north Queensland. Paperbark Wetlands is a little place to get lost in your lunch break.

Presented as an interactive eBook, Paperbark Wetlands contains the original photographs, narration and video of Melinda J. Irvine. At the back of the book is a small glossary of useful terms mainly relating to the languages and cultural heritage of Indigenous Australians.

The poems in the book all began differently. Sometimes as the author was out strolling headlands in the late afternoon remembering times on the same path when a young girl: poems emerging days later while journalling. At other times while out bushwalking with purpose in the Australian summer heat, inspired she’d settle under a tree with her  notebook and scribble away until ants or unsettling thunderstorms would move her forward to her destination. She would craft the poems later in a coffee shop or in the car while that storm hit. At other times she was after a specific photograph for an unrelated task, and months later a poem would leap out of the image she was editing. A few of these poems were even written (unplanned) in the author publishing tool as new possibilities in the pictures presented themselves.

But no matter how they emerged, all these poems represent a shift in her thinking toward poetry. For as she began writing and  presenting them on her website as blogs, somewhere in the creative process new pieces of media would suggest themselves.

The visually enriched haiku, shaped and free verse poems in Paperbark Wetlands, complimented by digital technologies make a unique poetry experience.

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October 17
Melinda J. Irvine
Melinda Irvine

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